ZimbabweHuchi Entertainment Ndunge Yut Biography | Real Name, Age, Career, Songs, Videos

Ndunge Yut Biography | Real Name, Age, Career, Songs, Videos

Ndunge Yut Biography | Real Name, Age, Career, Songs, Videos post thumbnail image

Meet Ndunge Yut, the rising star in Zimbabwe’s Zimdancehall scene. He gained prominence in 2020 with chart-topping hits like “Agreement/Ramba Murume” and “Tese Tiri MaHu*e.” This biography sheds light on the fascinating journey of Ndunge Yut’s career, including his real name, age (which is currently undisclosed), and his musical accomplishments.

Real Name

Although he is widely known as Ndunge Yut, his real name is Givemore Bonde.


From a young age, Ndunge Yut’s passion for music was ignited by various genres, including reggae, hip-hop, and dancehall. Over the years, he crafted a distinctive style characterized by infectious rhythms and thought-provoking lyrics, touching on themes such as love, perseverance, and life’s challenges.

Ndunge yut biography

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In November 2023, Ndunge Yut found himself embroiled in a controversy after a video surfaced of him performing explicit lyrics at a school event, causing a social media uproar and public condemnation. Fellow musician Seh Calaz played a pivotal role in urging Ndunge Yut to apologize for his actions, which he did sincerely, promising not to repeat such behavior.

In August 2019, Ndunge Yut openly expressed his interest in dating UK-based socialite Olinda Chapel through his song titled “Olinda.” Despite being only 20 years old at the time, he conveyed his feelings for Olinda and his desire for a potential relationship with her.


Ndunge Yut has made significant strides in Zimbabwe’s music industry. He’s renowned for his dynamic stage performances, earning him the “Best Stage Performer” award at the 2023 Zimdancehall Awards. His songs, often carrying uplifting messages and social commentary, have resonated with audiences and even earned him nominations, such as the “Best Songwriter” category at the Zimbabwe Music Awards in 2022.

Contributions to Society

Ndunge Yut’s music addresses critical societal issues, including poverty, unemployment, and corruption. His song “Munondigonera” encourages people to persevere despite life’s challenges. He has also taken a stand against violence and bullying within the music industry, advocating for a more respectful and inclusive musical community.

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