ZimbabweHuchi Entertainment Naiza Boom Films: A Zimbabwean Film Studio

Naiza Boom Films: A Zimbabwean Film Studio

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Naiza Boom Films is a prominent Zimbabwean film studio founded by the renowned video and film director, Michael ‘Naiza Boom’ Machiona. This innovative film studio has gained widespread recognition for its captivating short skits and YouTube drama series. These productions are primarily crafted in the local vernacular Shona language and feature a host of beloved characters, including Dhafu, Jatiwero, Ozemwa, and Senzeni, among others.

Origin of Naiza Boom Films

Michael Machiona established the production company NB Films around 2013 to provide a platform for musicians and actors. He began his journey by creating music videos for emerging artists, laying the foundation for Naiza Boom Films.

The Talented Cast

Naiza Boom Films boasts an ensemble cast of talented individuals who bring its productions to life. Here’s a glimpse of some of the popular characters and their real names:

  • Dhafu (Cathy Chapungu)
  • Jatiwero (Terrence Chirinda)
  • Empress Vovo (Yvonne Chirowa)
  • Senzeni (Nozihlobo Moyo)
  • Jedza (Takunda Claude Nyakauru)
  • Dhimba (Wayne Mugoti)
  • Ozemwa (Myron Kudakwashe Muskwe)
  • Tilda (Tilda Chingombe)
  • Netsai (Anyway Muzira)
  • Paida (Shyline Chalimba)
  • Svinurai (Lilian Chikoka)
  • Solo (Tatenda Mutasa)
  • Chapepa (Bright Itai Zvekunze)
  • Blackie (Vimbai Edward)
  • Dadirai (Nyasha Gondo)
  • Kira (Tinotenda Mhloro)
  • Chelsea (Chelsea Camilla)
  • Hamu (Bezel Hamudi Nyakuba)

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Notable Productions

Naiza Boom Films has delivered a range of captivating productions over the years. Some of the standout titles include:

  • Class Yemadofo – featuring National FM radio presenter DJ Shugeta and female dancehall artists, including Faceless and Angel Pee.
  • Maputi e$25 – featuring Enzo Ishall
  • The Poor Blind Girl
  • Buried Alive
  • The Wedding Disaster
  • Python Queens
  • Tears Of A Ghost
  • Chikombi Chema Sascum
  • The Cheating Wife
  • Mjolo
  • The Blue Eggs
  • The Crazy Village
  • The Mission
  • Tears After Party
  • The Journey of Doom
  • Solution for Broken Heart
  • The Problem Students At High School

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