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Mwenezi, Zimbabwe: A Deep Dive into Southern Beauty

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Mwenezi, originally known as Nuanetsi, is a charming district situated in the southern part of Zimbabwe. It is crisscrossed by the Mwenezi River and the A4 highway, connecting Beitbridge at the South African border to Masvingo.

The Climate in Mwenezi

Perched at an elevation of None meters above sea level, Mwenezi boasts a Subtropical steppe climate (Classification: BSh). With a yearly temperature of 22.07ºC, slightly lower than Zimbabwe’s averages, the district experiences about 55.9 millimetres of precipitation annually with 89.42 rainy days.

Location and GPS Coordinates

Situated in the Masvingo Province, Mwenezi’s approximate GPS coordinates are latitude: -21.5000, longitude: 31.0000, providing strategic access to neighboring districts.

Exploring the History of Mwenezi

The name “Mwenezi” originates from the Mwenezi River, a vital water source for sugarcane plantations around the Rutenga Business Center. Despite facing challenges like droughts, the district’s population grew from 101,000 in 1992 to 126,000 in 2002.

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Size & Population

As of the latest census, Mwenezi covers an area of 15.85/km² with a population of 209,327, providing insights into its socioeconomic landscape.

Distance and Travel Time

Mwenezi is approximately 465 kilometres from Harare City Centre. The journey takes 6-7 hours by road, offering a scenic route through Zimbabwe’s countryside.

Mwenezi’s Connectivity

The town is also distant from Mutare, approximately 467 kilometres away, with a travel time of 6-7 hours by car.

Mwenezi Rural Council Contact Details

For inquiries and local governance matters, contact the Mwenezi Rural District Council at:
Phone: +263 77 356 3643

Schools in Mwenezi

Mwenezi district in Zimbabwe

Mwenezi River in Zimbabwe-Image Source@Zimprofiles

Education thrives in Mwenezi with various schools such as Mwenezi Primary School, Mwenezi High School, Dinhe Primary School, Dinhe Secondary School, and more.

Colleges and Universities

Higher education is accessible with Mwenezi Center of Learning offering diverse academic opportunities.

Lodges for Accommodation

For comfortable stays, Mwenezi offers lodges like Manyuchi Lodge, Awelani Lodge, Ngundu Rockey Motel, and Lion & Elephant Motel.

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Things to Do in Mwenezi

Explore natural reserves, immerse in local culture, or enjoy outdoor adventures – Mwenezi has activities for everyone.

Trivia about Mwenezi

Mwenezi got its name from the Mwenezi River, crucial for irrigation in Rutenga Business Center. It’s a town resilient in the face of environmental challenges.



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