HARARE – A Zanu PF MP once accused firing his gun during an election campaign has boasted that he has killed before.

Dexter Nduna, the MP for Chegutu West, made the shock claim while threatening Norton MP Temba Mliswa (Independent) during a stormy sitting of the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Mines on Monday.

Nduna and other MPs want Mliswa to stand down as chairman of the committee over allegations that he demanded a $400,000 bribe from businessman James Ross Goddard.

The committee had to abandon a hearing with acting mines minister Jorum Gumbo after Mliswa clashed with Nduna.

With Nduna standing over him, Mliswa accused the Chegutu West lawmaker of being a thief, claiming he had taken money from the Zimbabwe National Roads Agency (ZINARA).

Nduna demanded that Mliswa withdraw the allegation that he was a thief, to which Mliswa retorted: “You are a thief. You are a double thief, triple thief.”

As he walked away, Nduna told Mliswa: “There’re some people that I’ve killed whose names I don’t even know.”

Later, Mliswa said on Twitter: “I’ve now been threatened with death! Where is the ZRP? Self-confession is an easy investigation. Must I report one who has reported himself? Or was it the avenging spirits crying out through him?”

Nduna was arrested in May last year during Zanu PF primary elections after he fired five shots from his 9mm pistol at Chinengundu Primary School. A court heard he was angry with some processes during the voting process. The matter is still pending.



By Mandisa

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