Mother confesses for s_x with her son

Mother confesses for having s_x with her son


A woman allegedly confessed that she s_x with her son after her husband allegedly stumbled upon her underwear in their son’s bedroom.

Sifelani Moyo had been married to Media Hoboya for 18 years and they had been live together at Redbank Plot on the outskirts of Bulawayo.

All was well, but their marital life took a turn for the worst after Moyo stumbled on his wife’s underwear in the son’s bedroom hut.

Moyo got suspicious and quizzed his estranged wife and she confessed that she had making love with their first born son who is in his early 30s.

“After I stumbled on her panty I got worried and suspicious that my wife was sleeping with my son and I confronted her over the issue,”

He added: “I took the panty to her and interrogated her over why it was in my son’s bedroom. At first she denied but within a few minutes of interrogation she confessed that she slept with my son and that broke my heart.”

According to B-metro Moyo says after the incident his son also deserted home as he was wanted by the police for a crime he committed.




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