ZimbabweHuchi Entertainment,Sport Moors World Of Sport: Your Complete Roadmap to Sports Betting in Zimbabwe

Moors World Of Sport: Your Complete Roadmap to Sports Betting in Zimbabwe

Moors World Of Sport: Your Complete Roadmap to Sports Betting in Zimbabwe post thumbnail image

Moors World of Sport (MWOS) is a licensed online sports betting platform in Zimbabwe, regulated by the Zimbabwe Lotteries and Gaming Board. Established in 2013 by Richard Moor, it reflects the Moor family’s enduring passion for sports and betting, rooted in generations of involvement in sports and horse racing.

History of Moors World of Sport (MWOS) in Zimbabwe

Legacy of P.J. Moor (Snr)

P.J. Moor (Snr), a revered figure in the world of racehorses, notably owned the World Champion Horse, Ipe Tombe. His passion for horses and betting laid the foundation for the Moor family’s enduring connection to sports and wagering.

Rise of Richard Moor

In 2013, Richard Moor, inspired by his family’s heritage, founded the Moors World of Sport (MWOS). His vision and passion for sports betting led to the establishment of MWOS as a prominent player in Zimbabwe’s betting scene.

Evolution and Impact

Under Richard Moor’s guidance, MWOS rapidly grew into one of Zimbabwe’s leading sports betting platforms. Its nationwide presence and strategic expansion across various towns reinforced its status as a trusted destination for sports enthusiasts and bettors.

Visionary Legacy

Richard Moor’s entrepreneurial spirit and dedication transformed MWOS into more than just a betting platform. It embodies the Moor family’s legacy, providing a comprehensive and trusted avenue for sports betting, carrying forward a heritage deeply rooted in sports and betting passion.


  • User-friendly Interface: The platform boasts an intuitive and straightforward interface, facilitating effortless betting transactions.
  • Diverse Sports Events: Encompassing football, tennis, basketball, cricket, rugby, and virtual sports, MWOS offers an extensive array of sporting events.
  • Live Betting: This feature enables users to engage in real-time betting during ongoing sporting events, allowing adjustments based on the event’s progression.
  • Multifaceted Betting Markets: From match results to specific betting options like over/under and first goal scorer, MWOS presents diverse betting markets.
  • Mobile App: Available for Android and iOS, the app streamlines betting processes, providing accessibility and convenience.

Getting Started

Sport betting in Zimbabwe

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  1. Registration: Visit the MWOS website, click on “Betting Login,” and complete the registration form.
  2. Account Verification: Verify your account using the received SMS verification code.
  3. Deposit Funds: Initiate betting activities by depositing funds.
  4. Placing Bets: Once funds are deposited, explore and place bets on preferred sporting events.

MWOS Sports Betting Options

MWOS caters to a diverse spectrum of sports enthusiasts, offering betting options spanning football leagues, tennis tournaments, fight sports like UFC and boxing, basketball, baseball, cricket, rugby, ice hockey, volleyball, and more. Virtual sports betting, including soccer, cycling racing, horse racing, and tennis, further diversifies the betting experience.

Additional Services

Moors World of Sport MWOS extends beyond sports betting, providing virtual gaming, jackpots, and an assortment of products. The platform’s commitment to technological advancement ensures a seamless betting experience across various devices.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Moors Sports Betting

The FAQs section addresses crucial queries related to depositing and withdrawing funds, account activation, betting procedures, currency options, branch locations, app downloads, fixture sheets, and responsible gambling practices.

How Do I Deposit in a MWOS Account?

All bet deposits within MWOS are facilitated through the betting shops. The process involves:

  1. In-Person Deposit: Visit any MWOS outlet and request a Teller to assist in making the deposit.
  2. Account Log-in: Access your MWOS account online.
  3. Deposit Selection: Choose the “Deposit” option from the main menu.
  4. Payment Method: Select “Shop” as the preferred deposit method.
  5. Code Entry: Input the provided deposit code and complete the transaction.

How do I withdraw from Moors World Of Sport?

MWOS ensures a straightforward withdrawal process conducted within MWOS betting shops:

  1. Account Access: Log in to your MWOS account.
  2. Withdrawal Initiation: Click on the “Withdrawal” drop-down icon under your account name.
  3. Shop Withdrawal: Opt for “Shop” as the withdrawal method and specify the desired amount.
  4. Authentication: Enter your password and proceed with the withdrawal.
  5. Notification: Upon completion, receive a withdrawal code via email.
  6. Shop Visit: Present the withdrawal code and your account details at the nearest MWOS shop for fund withdrawal.

Where do I download the MWOS app?

The MWOS app is available for download from the official MWOS website, ensuring access to their services across different devices. You can download the MWOS App on the following link Download MWOS App

Where can I get the fixture sheet & results?

There are multiple ways to get a copy of the fixtures and results. You can join the MWOS telegram channel as this is where they publish fixture and results first. Join now at MWOS Telegram Channel. You can download the fixture from this website for FREE on an Econet line Download Fixture Sheet

Which MWOS branch is nearest to me?

You can use the MWOS handy branch locator to find your nearest Moors World Of Sport branch Branch Locator

Remember to bet responsibly and within your means.


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