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Mhondoro: A Comprehensive Profile of A Hidden Gem In Zimbabwe

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Mhondoro showcases a subtropical climate, marked by distinctive wet and dry seasons. Summers bring warmth and rainfall, with temperatures spanning from 20°C to 30°C (68°F to 86°F), while winters offer mild and dry weather, averaging around 10°C to 25°C (50°F to 77°F). The lush green landscapes during the rainy season from November to March make this period ideal for exploration.

Location and GPS Coordinates of Mhondoro

Situated in Mashonaland West Province, Mhondoro is strategically positioned at approximately 18.9167° S latitude and 30.2167° E longitude. This prime location makes it easily accessible from major cities, attracting both locals and global enthusiasts.

History of Mhondoro

Mhondoro-Ngezi District, part of Mashonaland West Province, has a population of 140,994 inhabitants according to the 2022 census. The town’s history is deeply intertwined with Zimbabwe’s cultural fabric, originally inhabited by the indigenous Shona people. Over the centuries, the town has transformed under the influence of colonialism and the fight for independence.

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Size & Population of Mhondoro

Reflecting steady growth, Mhondoro boasts a population of 140,994 inhabitants based on the 2022 census. This diverse population contributes to the town’s unique identity, capturing the dynamic essence of its community.

Distance from Mhondoro City Centre to Harare

Conveniently located 111 kilometers from Harare, the capital city of Zimbabwe, Mhondoro provides easy access to the country’s political, economic, and cultural hub. A 2-hour road trip connects the city center of Mhondoro to Harare.

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Distance from Mhondoro to Mutare

For those eager to explore the eastern region of Zimbabwe, Mhondoro is strategically positioned 350 kilometers away from Mutare. This proximity offers a gateway to the scenic landscapes and cultural treasures of Mutare.

Travel Time from Mhondoro to Mutare

Mhondoro-Image Source@zimprofiles

The journey from Mhondoro to Mutare, varying with different factors, typically takes around 4-5 hours. Travelers can savor the changing landscapes as they traverse the distance between these two distinct Zimbabwean towns.

Mhondoro Rural District Council Contact Details

Address: Alexandra Ave, Chegutu, Zimbabwe.Phone: +263 68 2152257

Email: info@cheguturdc.co.zw

Website: cheguturdc.co.zw

Schools in Mhondoro

Education is a cornerstone of Mhondoro’s community, with several schools catering to students of all ages. Notable institutions include:

  • St Michael’s High School
  • Ngezi High School
  • Ngezi Primary School
  • Rutara Secondary School
  • Dondoshava Secondary School
  • Denya Primary School
  • Rio Tinto Mhondoro Secondary School
  • Gora Primary School

Universities near Mhondoro

While Mhondoro may not host its own tertiary institutions, the surrounding areas offer diverse educational options, including:

  • Catholic University Of Zimbabwe
  • University of Zimbabwe
  • Harare Polytechnic College
  • Belvedere Teachers College

Luxurious Lodgings in Mhondoro

For those seeking comfortable and immersive accommodation experiences, Mhondoro presents a variety of lodges to choose from, such as:

  • Mhondoro Safari Lodge
  • VTU Platinum Lodge
  • Mhondoro Game Lodge
  • Ganda Lodge
  • Kutandara Lodges
  • Nehimba Lodges
  • Manna Safari Lodge

Exploring Mhondoro: Activities for All

Mhondoro offers a plethora of activities for both residents and visitors. Whether you enjoy strolling through local markets, delving into historical sites, or embarking on outdoor adventures like hiking and wildlife safaris, this town has something to offer everyone. The vibrant atmosphere is further enhanced by cultural events and festivals.

Discovering Mhondoro’s Charms: Trivia Tidbits

Delve deeper into the charm of Mhondoro with these intriguing trivia tidbits:

  • Mhondoro is renowned for hosting traditional dance festivals, showcasing the rich cultural heritage of the Shona people.
  • The town’s name, Mhondoro, translates to “Place of the Spirits” in the Shona language, reflecting its spiritual and historical significance.


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