HE has all it takes, but bling is not at
the top of his priorities – instead, he
chooses to be down to earth unlike
most of the new generation of
charismatic preachers who drive flashy cars and have expensive tastes.

His name is Walter Magaya, a
prophet and founder of the fast-
growing Prophetic Healing and
Deliverance (PHD) Ministries.
Since he launched PHD a couple of
years ago, Magaya has given out
more than 10 houses and pays rent
for more than 100 disadvantaged
people as part of deliverance but he chooses to be a tenant.
“I do not have a house myself and you can verify that with the Deeds
Office. I rent a house in Marlborough and I have converted part of this
house into church offices,” he said adding he rents a house in
Harare’s Marlborough suburb.

Currently, he is making headlines in the media for “empowering”
strippers with various lucrative projects of their choices, including
opening clothing boutiques for them in the capital but it is said he
has no business of his own.
“I spend most of my time occupied with church business; I wake up
very early and retire to bed late. I do not even have enough time for
my family,” said Magaya adding he is not rushing to get “luxury
things at the moment” because it is obvious that he is destined for a
better life in future.
“My time is coming but at the moment it is time to bless and deliver
people — my principle is simple: less for me and more for them,”
said the PHD Ministries founder.
Magaya said he will not easily change his “simple lifestyle” despite
his rapid growth in popularity in the prophetic ministries world.

“I chose to remain the same Magaya who people knew before PHD. I
love spending the day putting on sandals and I can even go shopping
in town wearing them. I do not have a bank account and I cannot
afford to put on a neck tie, maybe because I cannot afford to buy
one,” he said. Magaya said despite having rich partners, he chose to drive a simple car. “I drive a Nissan Murano and I am satisfied with it,” he said.

Despite leading one of the biggest congregations in the country,
Magaya said he chose to be “worth as little as possible.”
“I choose to be worth as little as I can. I am more satisfied in
blessing people, like I said before my principle is simple: more for
them and less for me,” said Magaya whose spiritual father is the
renowned Nigerian prophet T.B Joshua. weekendpost



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