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Mbuso Siso Biography | Profile, Wiki, Age, Political Career, Controversies

Mbuso Siso Biography | Profile, Wiki, Age, Political Career, Controversies post thumbnail image
Mbuso Siso, a prominent Zimbabwean political figure, has been actively involved in opposition politics, notably with the Citizens’ Coalition for Change (CCC). This biography explores various facets of his life, including his political career, controversies, and more.

Age & Date of Birth

The exact date of Mbuso Siso’s birth remains undisclosed in available sources.

Early Life & Education

Details about Mbuso Siso’s early life and educational background are not readily available in public sources.

Personal Life

Information about Mbuso Siso’s personal life, including family, hobbies, and interests, is limited and undisclosed.

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Political Career

Mbuso Siso biography

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Mbuso Siso gained prominence in the political arena through his involvement with the Citizens’ Coalition for Change (CCC). As the self-proclaimed treasurer, he played a crucial role during internal strife, especially surrounding the resignation of Nelson Chamisa, the former party leader.


Mbuso Siso’s political journey has not been without controversies. His dismissal in 2018 from the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) by Welshman Ncube added complexity to his political trajectory.

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Dismissal from MDC

Siso’s removal as the deputy spokesperson of the MDC by Welshman Ncube sparked significant controversy within the party. Allegations of misconduct and actions tarnishing the party’s reputation were cited as reasons for his dismissal. Siso contested these accusations, attributing his removal to his opposition against perceived nepotism within the party leadership. His public statements post-dismissal exacerbated tensions within the MDC, shedding light on internal party dynamics.


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