ZimbabweHuchi Entertainment Mathias Mhere Biography| Age, Personal Life, Career, Education, Controversies

Mathias Mhere Biography| Age, Personal Life, Career, Education, Controversies

Mathias Mhere Biography| Age, Personal Life, Career, Education, Controversies post thumbnail image

Mathias Mhere is a Zimbabwean gospel artist. His musical journey commenced in 2012 when he released the album “Anoita Minana,” which featured the chart-topping gospel hit “Favour.”

Age and Early Life

Mathias Mhere, the renowned Zimbabwean gospel artist, was born on June 13, 1988, in Mukaro, Gutu, Masvingo.

Family and Personal Life

Married to Susan Dzinamarira, the couple is blessed with a son named Shayne.

Educational Journey

Mhere pursued his education at Saint Mary’s Primary School for his primary education and later attended Matinunura High School for his secondary studies.

Embarking on a Musical Odyssey

Mhere’s passion for music ignited during his early years, leading him to create melodies using unconventional instruments like worn-out pots (zvingwendere).

His musical journey took shape in various settings, from the church to herding cattle and even while working in the garden.

Collaborating with siblings, he formed the Gospel Hurricane band, later joining groups like “Created to Worship” and “Rock of Ages.”

The Solo Pursuit

After completing his Ordinary level education, Mhere ventured into Harare to launch his solo career, working as a buyer at Tiger General Suppliers to fund his musical aspirations.

Despite facing initial setbacks with his debut album ‘Tinoda Nyasha,’ Mhere made a triumphant return in 2011 with ‘Anoita Minana,’ marking a turning point in his career.

Tracks like “Favour,” “Vimba NaJehova,” “Areka,” and “Chipostor” solidified his position in the spotlight.

Guidance and Mentorship

Throughout his journey, Mhere received guidance from the legendary gospel artist Mechanic Manyeruke.


Copycat Claims

Controversy surrounded the success of Mhere’s album ‘Anoita Minana’ with accusations of copying Blessing Shumba’s music.

Mhere dismissed claims, attributing the similarity to working with the same producer, Lyton Ngolombi, who is also a member of Shumba’s band.

Divorce Speculation

In February 2015, Mhere faced personal turmoil amid allegations of his wife’s involvement with his close friend, Gift Mahlupeka.

Susan admitted to infidelity, emphasizing it was confined to WhatsApp messages. She sought forgiveness, expressing genuine remorse.

Mhere chose to remain silent amid the media speculation, refraining from public statements.

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