ZimbabweHuchi Entertainment Master H Biography & Profile, Real Name, Age, Career, Mjolo, Controversies, Pregnancy

Master H Biography & Profile, Real Name, Age, Career, Mjolo, Controversies, Pregnancy

Master H Biography & Profile, Real Name, Age, Career, Mjolo, Controversies, Pregnancy post thumbnail image

Meet Master H, a burgeoning sensation in Zimbabwe’s lively Zimdancehall music arena, known offstage as Hillary Marufu. Renowned for his dynamic live shows and chart-topping tracks, he’s truly won the adoration of music aficionados. In this biography, we explore the origins, journey, and intriguing facets of this gifted musician.

Real Name

Master H’s real name is Hillary Marufu.

Age & Date of Birth

Information regarding Master H’s age and date of birth is not publicly available.


Master H was born in Chitungwiza’s Zengeza 1 suburb and raised in rural Murehwa. Currently, he resides in Mbare, Harare.

Rise in Zimdancehall

Master H’s journey in the music industry has been marked by dedication and creative innovation. His electrifying performances and hit songs have endeared him to fans. As a rising Zimdancehall artist, he consistently delivers captivating stage performances.

Musical Career

Master H biography

Master H-Image Source@zimprofiles

Master H’s ascent to stardom was marked by his unique style and performances that drew comparisons to the legendary Zimdancehall artist, the late Soul Jah Love.

“Mjolo” – A Cultural Gem

On October 1, 2023, Master H released a captivating Afrobeat single titled “Mjolo.” This track has made waves in the music scene, known for its infectious rhythms and danceable tunes, typical of Afrobeat music.

Linguistic Diversity

What sets “Mjolo” apart is its linguistic diversity. Master H seamlessly blends the melodious Shona language with the rhythmic Swahili, creating a unique fusion of cultures and languages within the song. This fusion adds depth and cultural richness to the track, aligning with Zimbabwean music’s celebrated diversity.

Impact and Reception

Since its release, “Mjolo” has garnered significant attention and acclaim. Fans have expressed their admiration for the song on various social media platforms. It has been lauded for its catchy melodies, relatable lyrics, and vibrant production. Master H’s ability to capture the essence of love, desire, and connection in an authentic way has resonated with audiences across generations.

Controversies – Impregnating Dancer

Master H has encountered controversies in his career. Notably, he was involved in a dispute with a dancer known as Lisa, who claimed that he was responsible for her pregnancy. This controversy led to the end of their five-year-long relationship. Master H denied the claims, stating that he was not responsible for the pregnancy, despite confirming their intimate involvement.

Future Plans

As “Mjolo” continues to gain momentum, Master H has exciting plans on the horizon. He aims to elevate his music through live performances, interviews, and potential collaborations, promising more captivating experiences for his growing fan base.


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