ZimbabweHuchi Business MARS Zimbabwe Medical Air Rescue Service| Their Role In Garry Mapanzure Death

MARS Zimbabwe Medical Air Rescue Service| Their Role In Garry Mapanzure Death

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MARS Zimbabwe is a prominent medical air rescue service provider in the nation, delivering critical emergency healthcare transportation solutions to those in need. They have solidified their presence in Zimbabwe’s healthcare infrastructure, playing a vital role in efficiently and safely transporting individuals requiring urgent medical care to appropriate medical facilities

The Role of MARS Zimbabwe in Garry Mapanzure’s Tragic Incident

A Devastating Car Accident

The heart-wrenching story begins with a fatal car accident that claimed lives and severely injured Afro-pop musician Garry Mapanzure. This tragic event left Garry in critical condition, necessitating swift and specialized medical attention.

Urgent Medical Care Decision

Recognizing the severity of Garry’s injuries and his urgent need for specialized medical treatment, the medical professionals at Masvingo Provincial Hospital made the decision to transfer him to Harare, where advanced medical care was readily available.

MARS Zimbabwe’s Pivotal Role

In an effort to ensure Garry received the timely and crucial medical attention he required, Garry’s representatives reached out to MARS Zimbabwe, a renowned private ambulance company with a strong track record in emergency healthcare transportation.

Financial Challenges

However, a significant obstacle stood in the way of securing Garry’s swift transportation. MARS Zimbabwe insisted on a substantial upfront payment of US$2.9k, which left Garry’s representatives facing a difficult predicament.

Payment Proposal and Unfortunate Outcome

With the necessary funds not available upfront, Garry’s representatives proposed making the payment upon Garry’s arrival in Harare, assuring MARS Zimbabwe that it would be settled then. Regrettably, due to the delay in receiving the required medical care, Garry Mapanzure tragically passed away, leaving many questioning the circumstances that contributed to this heartbreaking outcome.

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