Man in trouble for swindling , abusing over 30 women

A Zimbabwean man is accused of using Facebook as his hunting ground for women and abusing them.

Blessing George Gwizo who used Facebook Pages Tough Talk Family and MuNhanga YeVasikana using the fake name Mike Pasi.

According to Hmetro there are over 30 women who come out complaining that Gwizo abused them and swindled them.

Some of the women claimed that were promised to be married.

He also targeted a female group called Nhoroondo Yehupenyu/ Journey of Life (Ladies Only), over 30 victims have given testimony.

He, however, posted a message on his Facebook page, threatening some of his victims.

“My name is Mike. Mike Pasi. This is the fourth time, same message.

“Darlings and Dudes, listen to me now for this is very, very serious. Someone needs this. Someone will need this.



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