ZimbabweHuchi Entertainment Mabrijo Biography & Profile: Age, Real Name, Family Background, Teen Pregnancy, Homelessness, Skin Bleaching

Mabrijo Biography & Profile: Age, Real Name, Family Background, Teen Pregnancy, Homelessness, Skin Bleaching

Mabrijo Biography & Profile: Age, Real Name, Family Background, Teen Pregnancy, Homelessness, Skin Bleaching post thumbnail image

Bridget Panashe Marufu, widely recognized by her alias Mabrijo, stands out as a renowned content creator, comedian, and dancer hailing from Zimbabwe. Self-proclaiming as a “celebrity,” she has garnered fame through her engaging social media platform, showcasing a repertoire of comedic skits and dance performances. Notably, Mabrijo proudly serves as the brand ambassador for Candy Cake’s products and SUS (Saka Uchaita Sei) clothing, adding another dimension to her multifaceted presence in the public eye.

Age & Date of Birth

Mabrijo, born Bridget Panashe Marufu, entered this world in Mutare, Zimbabwe, in March 2000, making her 23 years old as of 2023.

Real Name

Mabrijo’s real identity is Bridget Panashe Marufu.

Family Background

Coming from a challenging background, Mabrijo grew up in poverty, raised by her maternal grandmother. Her mother’s marriage shortly after her birth left her in the care of her grandmother, with whom she had a strained relationship. Mabrijo accused her mother of neglect and rarely visited during her upbringing. The timing of her father’s passing remains unspecified.

Teen Pregnancy

At 17, Mabrijo found herself navigating single motherhood after an unplanned pregnancy. The father, an alleged illegal goldpanner who concealed his marital status, remains unidentified.


Facing rejection from relatives post-pregnancy, Mabrijo experienced a period of homelessness on the streets of Mutare. Fortunately, she found refuge with one of her aunts.

Working Odd Jobs To Make Ends Meet

Leaving her child in her grandmother’s care, Mabrijo sought employment, initially as a maid and later in a bar.

Moving To South Africa

Love led Mabrijo to South Africa after receiving money for a lobola ceremony, an incident that she later apologized for to the anonymous benefactor.

Working In South Africa

In South Africa, Mabrijo faced challenges working as a maid for Indians, citing mistreatment. Her boss’s attitude changed when she received an expensive phone from her “Internet” husband, DJ Towers.

Social Media Career

Mabrijo initiated her career as a content creator on platforms like Instagram and TikTok in South Africa, gaining popularity through comedic skits and dances. Her life took a positive turn when she received financial support from Prophet Passion Java, allowing her to focus on content creation and digital marketing for brands.

Personal Life

Mabrijo biography

Mabrijo and Hoy Ten-Image Source@zimprofiles

A single mother, Mabrijo was previously in a relationship with DJ Towers, citing financial reasons for their breakup. She also disclosed a past romantic involvement with Holy Ten, a Zimbabwean rapper. Expressing admiration for wealthy businessman Phillip Chiyangwa, she later revealed that he called her and offered guidance.

Future Goals

Aspiring to become an international entertainment star, Mabrijo attributes her fame to DJ Towers and aims to grow her brand further through social media. She envisions marriage around the age of 26.

Skin Bleaching

Mabrijo confessed to skin bleaching, motivated by a desire to attract wealthy men. Despite acknowledging the negative effects of bleaching, she advised young girls to avoid it while noting her own success in attracting wealthy men from various nationalities.



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