ZimbabweHuchi Entertainment Lucky “Luckie” Aaroni Biographaphy | Profile, Bustop TV, Career, Awards

Lucky “Luckie” Aaroni Biographaphy | Profile, Bustop TV, Career, Awards

Lucky “Luckie” Aaroni Biographaphy | Profile, Bustop TV, Career, Awards post thumbnail image

Lucky “Luckie” Aaroni, the acclaimed Zimbabwean filmmaker and photographer, discovered his passion for the arts during his time at St. Mary’s Secondary School. Initially drawn to acting, his journey took an unexpected turn towards behind-the-scenes work. Renowned for his bold and inventive approach to production, Aaroni creates content that not only entertains but also empowers people to make informed choices in their daily lives.

Before gaining fame, Aaroni worked as a freelance photographer for prominent Zimbabwean newspapers such as Daily News and Harare News, a monthly publication.

Acting Career

Armed with a diploma in Filmmaking and Television Production from the esteemed Zimbabwe Film and Television School of Southern Africa, Lucky Aaroni possesses a solid foundation in the art of visual storytelling.

Bustop TV

Lucky “Luckie” Aaroni biography

Lucky “Luckie” Aaroni-Image Source@zimprofiles

Lucky Aaroni is not just a creative individual; he is the visionary founder and producer behind Bustop TV, a thriving satirical digital platform operated by Zimbabwean youth. Originally known as P.O. Box, the platform underwent a significant rebranding under Aaroni’s leadership. Alongside co-founders Admire “Bhutisi” Kuzhangaira and Rolland “Boss Kedha” Lunga, Aaroni has shaped Bustop TV into a powerhouse of human interest content production. The platform addresses critical issues affecting Zimbabweans with a unique blend of satire and humour.

Having taken on various roles, including producer, editor, and writer, Aaroni has been instrumental in the creation of numerous short films that captivate audiences.


Bustop TV’s impact has not gone unnoticed, earning the platform prestigious accolades, including the 2017 National Arts Merit Award for Outstanding Online Media.

Recent Production

One of Bustop TV’s recent productions is the thought-provoking “Checheche Candidate Expectations” based in Chipinge South. This piece exemplifies the platform’s commitment to addressing relevant societal issues with wit and insight.

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