ZimbabweHuchi Uncategorized Linda Masarira Biography: Early Life, Activism, Political Career

Linda Masarira Biography: Early Life, Activism, Political Career

Linda Masarira Biography: Early Life, Activism, Political Career post thumbnail image

Linda Masarira Biography: Early Life, Activism, Political Career

Early Life and Education

Linda Tsungirirai Masarira, a prominent Zimbabwean politician and human rights activist, was born in Harare on October 3, 1982. Her upbringing was marked by adversity, losing her mother at the tender age of six.

Masarira attended Marlborough High School and Chipindura High School, despite her challenging circumstances. She then ventured into the workforce as a train woman for the National Railways of Zimbabwe, traversing different towns including Bulawayo, Hwange, and Mutare.

Linda Masarira Activism and Politics

Masarira’s journey in activism began in 2015, when she became an integral part of the Zimbabwe Activists Alliance (ZAA) and the Tajamuka/Sesjikile Campaign movement. These groups orchestrated protests and petitions against human rights abuses during the Robert Mugabe regime.

Linda Masarira-Image Source@facebook

Linda Masarira-Image Source@facebook

In addition to her activism, she founded the Zimbabwe Women in Politics Alliance (ZWPA), advocating for democracy, gender equality, and the rights of marginalized groups.

Masarira’s unwavering commitment to her causes resulted in her arrest multiple times. She endured incarceration, facing brutality and solitary confinement. During her time in Chikurubi Maximum Prison, she organized protests against inhumane conditions and lack of essential resources.

Supported by local and international human rights organizations, such as Amnesty International and Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights, Masarira continued to champion her causes.

Linda Masarira Presidential Aspirations

In a bold move, Masarira announced her presidential ambitions in June 2023, expressing her intent to challenge President Emmerson Mnangagwa in the upcoming election. She asserted her confidence in her leadership abilities and her dedication to positive change.

Undeterred by opposition, Masarira filed her presidential nomination and became the sole woman to do so, despite encountering obstacles with the nomination fee. Although faced with challenges, her determination remained unshaken as she pursued her aspirations.

Personal Life

Beyond her public persona, Masarira is a mother of five, a widow, and a devoted Christian. She has consistently voiced her views on social issues such as gender-based violence, child marriages, corruption, education, and health.

Linda Masarira-Image Source@facebook

Linda Masarira-Image Source@facebook

Despite controversies, including tribalistic remarks and legal issues, Masarira remains committed to her causes and faith.


Linda Masarira has garnered recognition throughout her journey for her impactful activism and leadership. Notable awards include the Zimbabwe Human Rights Association (ZimRights) People’s Choice Award in 2016, the Zimbabwe International Women’s Awards (ZIWA) Humanitarian Award in 2017, and the Zimbabwe Achievers Awards (ZAA) Community Champion Award in 2018.

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