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Lily Java Biography – Passion Java’s Wife

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Lily Java née Tsegaye is a notable Ethiopian-Zimbabwean figure, primarily recognized as the wife of the controversial self-proclaimed prophet, Passion Java, who leads Passion Java Ministries and the Kingdom Embassy church.

Lily Java’s Early Life

She was born on 15 June 1990, which means she is currently 33 years old as of 2023. She hails from a well-off family in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, and is the youngest of three siblings. Her life took a significant turn when her father sent her to the United States to pursue her education, where she spent 16 years.

Marriage to Passion Java

In 2016, Lily, originally from Ethiopia, became the wife of Prophet Passion Java in a grand and vibrant ceremony held in Jamaica. This union came merely four months after Java’s divorce from his first wife, Yasmin.

Lily and Passion Java initially crossed paths at a conference in Baltimore, United States, in 2014. However, Lily has emphatically stated that she played no role in Java’s divorce from Yasmin and vehemently denied funding her husband’s flamboyant lifestyle.

“We mostly spoke about the Bible and Christianity and yes about life in general, but not to the extent of talking about marriage and what he was going through then. As he shared with me how his first marriage was not going right as he would have wanted and that he was heading for a divorce, I was affected or should I say pained to learn and see what he was going through. But I understood and respected his decision.”

“Some people think I had something to do with his separation and eventual divorce. That is 100 percent false. But what I learnt in life is that people will always talk and create stories about you from the little information they have without asking to hear the complete story from all parties involved. But as long as I am clear and clean before God in that regard, I do not need human approval for I know who I am in Christ Jesus.”

The couple is blessed with four sons, with their youngest, Twabam Java, introduced by Passion Java in December 2020 via Facebook.

Lily’s Spiritual Journey

In an interview with the Financial Gazette, Lily shared her spiritual journey. She revealed that at the age of 23, she had a profound encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ through a vision. This encounter led to her understanding her divine calling. She actively served in her local church in Washington DC, engaging in various ministries, including the children’s ministry, choir, and young adult ministry, and she also preached, taught, and counseled.

“I met the Lord Jesus when I was 23 in a vision and had different encounters in the spirit where the Lord told me what my calling was. I have been serving in my local church in Washington DC. I have been actively involved in the children’s ministry, choir, and young adult ministry. I preach, teach, and counsel and I have the prophetic grace upon my life.”

However, in 2021, Lily stirred controversy when she claimed that she developed her gift of prophecy after connecting with her husband, Passion Java. This assertion garnered mixed reactions, with some finding it offensive and others humorous.

“Many people ask me ‘what can I do to prophesy and minister like you? I’m going to give you the secret today! The easiest way to start prophesying is to connect to someone who already walks in that grace. From the moment I connected to my husband, the prophetic unction was birthed in my spirit.”

“I began to prophesy names and numbers, I started seeing house addresses and family members. I was able to describe in detail what’s inside their house what kind of car they drive or what they have only spoken in their heart.”

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