Lawyer Biti exposed for misleading statements over West Properties Zimbabwe

The Harare-based property development company, West Properties Zimbabwe has issued a statement condemning opposition party CCC’s vice president Tendai Biti for grossly misleading statements about the company and its CEO Kenneth Sharpe.

The legislator had earlier claimed that the property company had illegally received 200 000 hectares of land from the City of Harare. Harare, on the other hand, has a total 94 000 hectares of land.

This was one of several allegations revealed by Mr Biti against West Properties and its CEO.

The company has since called him out for the “cruel and ill-intentioned” statements they claim were cooked to stir up negative public sentiments about the businessman.

In a press statement seen by iHarare, West Prop said that Mr Biti was accusing Mr Sharpe “of the largest land theft in Zimbabwe since the country’s independence from white settler rule, despite knowing that the accusation was false. The incendiary language had racial overtones and was intended to generate a negative public opinion of Mr Sharpe,” they said in a statement.

Biti’s statements come after the Augur Investments’ dispute with the City of Harare wherein the Supreme Court ruled against nullifying a land transfer deal signed by the City of Harare. Mr Biti was representing the complaints in the matter.

Despite the Supreme Court ruling, Mr Biti continues to contest the findings and determinations in the ruling, the company claims.

“Mr Biti cannot purport to contest the findings and determinations of the High Court and Supreme Court, as expressed in HC 425/21 and SC 229/22, without providing specific objections to those rulings, which upheld our title to the Pomona property in question.”

West Prop further said Biti’s conduct is unusual for a man occupying the political position he enjoys in society saying that his conduct was completely unheard of and thoroughly unbecoming of a learned legal practitioner.

“Far from being political, this is a case about a bully who has gotten away with lies and intimidation and expects everyone else to just take it. We have no intention of surrendering to these jungle tactics. Instead, we will be taking action to expose and hold Mr Biti accountable for his conduct,” the company threatened in a statement.



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