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Kuziwa Phineas Murapa Biography | Education, Career

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Kuziwa Phineas Murapa, presently serving as the Deputy Chairperson of the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC), has an extensive educational background.

He earned an MSC from RUP (University Name) and possesses a Postgraduate Diploma in Project Management. Additionally, Murapa holds several certifications focusing on anti-money laundering.


Murapa’s professional journey spans diverse sectors, showcasing his adaptability and expertise.

With over three decades of experience, he has delved into roles ranging from entrepreneurship to civil service, from program management to consultancy.

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His contributions extend to various organizations, including government departments and renowned corporations, where he specialized in crafting developmental initiatives.

Noteworthy positions in his career include Director of State Enterprises Anti-Corruption and Anti-Monopolies in the Office of the President and Cabinet, Senior Manager of Public Sector at Price Waterhouse Coopers, and Technical Advisor at the Development Bank of Southern Africa (DBSA).

Furthermore, Murapa’s academic endeavours have been equally remarkable. He has imparted knowledge at esteemed institutions such as the University of Zimbabwe, the University of Bradford in the United Kingdom, and the Institutes of Social Studies in The Hague and Housing in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

In addition to lecturing, he has shared insights through lectures conducted for the Institute of Public Administration and Management in Nairobi, Kenya.

His expertise encompasses Public Sector Governance, Results-Based Management, budgeting, and Monitoring and Evaluation.

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In recognition of his capabilities, Murapa was appointed as one of the commissioners of the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC) on July 15, 2019, following a rigorous selection process conducted by Parliament’s Standing Rules and Orders Committee.

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