ZimbabweHuchi Entertainment Kim Sibanda Biography | Children, Career, Controversies

Kim Sibanda Biography | Children, Career, Controversies

Kim Sibanda Biography | Children, Career, Controversies post thumbnail image

Kim Sibanda, a renowned Zimbabwean radio personality, treasures her role as a mother, although she maintains privacy regarding the details of her family life.

Professional Journey

Before gracing the airwaves of Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation’s Power FM, Kim Sibanda’s career journey was marked by significant milestones. From December 2022 to October 2023, she adorned the position of Sales and Marketing Executive at ZiFM Stereo. Prior to that, her captivating voice captivated listeners as the Breakfast Anchor at 98.4 FM Midlands from August 2016 to April 2023.

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Unveiling Controversies

October 2018 witnessed the emergence of a controversial photograph involving Kim Sibanda and a married man, Chris Mpasi, circulating within Gweru’s social circles. The image sparked widespread debate, with speculations swirling around Sibanda’s alleged pregnancy by Mpasi.

“I want to believe someone from my workplace who is after my job gave you this story and the intention is to tarnish my image and make sure I lose my job. If you are to publish the story, allow me to consult the person alleged to be responsible for the pregnancy first then I will come back to you,”

Kim Sibanda’s response reflected her resolve to address the issue with caution, emphasizing her commitment to her career and reluctance to engage in scandalous matters.

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Subsequently, Sibanda communicated that Mpasi should be the one to address the allegations, implying his direct involvement and potential repercussions. Despite persistent inquiries, both Sibanda and Mpasi remained evasive, opting to maintain silence until further notice.

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