ZimbabweHuchi Entertainment Kanyemba Bhonzo Biography & Profile| National FM, Career, Achievements

Kanyemba Bhonzo Biography & Profile| National FM, Career, Achievements

Kanyemba Bhonzo Biography & Profile| National FM, Career, Achievements post thumbnail image

Kanyemba Bhonzo is a prominent multi-lingual radio and television personality in Zimbabwe, celebrated for his outstanding contributions to the broadcasting industry. His career has been closely associated with the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation, where he hosts a highly-rated radio show alongside fellow media personality Bhozhongora.

Early Life

Details regarding Kanyemba Bhonzo’s date of birth and age are not publicly available. His early life and upbringing remain a mystery.

Educational Background

Information about his educational qualifications and background has not been disclosed publicly, leaving his academic journey undisclosed.


Kanyemba Bhonzo has carved a respected niche for himself in Zimbabwean broadcasting. His notable presence can be felt through his work on the National FM radio station. His proficiency in multiple languages has endeared him to a diverse audience, making him a popular choice among listeners.

Notable Achievements

In recognition of his significant contributions to the broadcasting industry, Kanyemba Bhonzo received a nomination in the “MOST POPULAR VERNACULAR LANGUAGE MALE PRESENTER/PRODUCER” category during the 2016 Zimbabwe Radio Awards.

Personal Life

Unfortunately, details about Kanyemba Bhonzo’s personal life and family are limited. He keeps his private life out of the public eye.

A Near-Fatal Accident

During the rainy season of 2017, Kanyemba Bhonzo made headlines on social media due to a near-fatal accident. He was traveling in a Toyota Landcruiser pick-up driven by his brother when they attempted to cross a flooded river in Mudzi. Despite warnings from the community and other motorists, they dared to cross the river, and their vehicle was swept away by the swelling waters.

Kanyemba Bhonzo later confirmed that they had placed their trust in their all-terrain vehicle but were overpowered by the water. Fortunately, both he and his brother survived the incident without the need for hospitalization. The vehicle was to be assessed for damages following the accident.

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