ZimbabweHuchi Entertainment Jatiwero Matemai – Unveiling the Actor Behind the Name

Jatiwero Matemai – Unveiling the Actor Behind the Name

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Jatiwero Matemai, renowned by his stage moniker Jatiwero, is a well-known actor hailing from Zimbabwe, gaining accolades for his contributions to the popular film production house, Naiza Boom Films. His exceptional comedic style and acting prowess have left an indelible mark on his audience.

Real Identity: Meet Terrence Chirinda

The real identity of Jatiwero Matemai is none other than Terrence Chirinda.

A Glimpse into Jatiwero’s Life

Date of Birth: The exact date of Jatiwero’s birth remains a well-kept secret.

Family Life: In a candid interview, Jatiwero disclosed his status as a single father raising a child after parting ways with the child’s mother.

2023: The Departure from Naiza Boom Films

After dedicating nine years of his life to Naiza Boom Films, Jatiwero, alongside fellow members, took a bold step by departing from the film company. Their decision stemmed from concerns related to meager salaries and what they perceived as unprofessional conduct by the group’s director, Michael “Naiza Boom” Machiwona.

The Revealing Disclosures

In a startling revelation, Jatiwero and his departing comrades, Yvonne Chirowa (Vovo), Myron Muswe (Ozemwa), and Enlight Muzira (Netsai), laid bare the hardships they endured within Naiza Boom Films. They decried the pitiful wages they received, labeling them as insufficient.

Unmasking Unprofessionalism

The exodus members also shed light on the allegations of unprofessional behavior within Naiza Boom Films. This included divisive tactics causing internal conflicts and a palpable lack of mutual respect among the group’s members. Jatiwero particularly pointed out Michael Machiwona’s role in sowing discord.

Moreover, they accused Naiza Boom Films of replacing them with new members when they dared to voice concerns about their treatment and compensation.

Moving Forward with “Four Seasons Media ZW”

Despite the adversities faced during their tenure at Naiza Boom Films, Jatiwero and his cohorts remained undaunted in pursuing their creative endeavors. They established their own entity and YouTube channel called “Four Seasons Media ZW,” amassing over 34,000 subscribers within days of its inception.

In an interview, Jatiwero divulged that their films were now under the direction of Ben Tike. This resilient approach demonstrates their unwavering commitment to their craft and their aspiration to forge a new path in the entertainment industry.


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