It never rained but it poured for Jah Prayzah this week. The multi award-winning Mdhara Vachauya hit maker had a week from hell which escalated into a full-blown nightmare following his graveyard scuffle.

The singer saw himself trending on social media after an altercation at the graveyard which saw being pelted by stones during the burial of his former head of security Chris Nyemba. The scandal was followed by a lot of unsavoury revelations which were damaging to the singer’s near spotless profile.

It all began earlier during the week whilst he was driving, Jah Prayzah says the wheel of his vehicle came off whilst he was on the road and he was lucky not to have an accident.

Earlier on the singer claims his mother had called him telling him she had a bad dream involving him then the misfortunes started. He had to cancel a show because the sound system was not functioning as well, obviously causing financial strain.

Then came the funeral saga which proved damaging for Jah’s Prayzah reputation with sources claiming he was displaying a prima donna attitude at the funeral and refused to help with contributions even though he owed the deceased some money.

This proved to be too much for the singer who finally broke down and wept whilst narrating his ordeal. The singer admitted to being emotionally traumatized by all the unfortunate events which had happened to him the whole week and believed something was out to get him.

Some believe this was the ‘road to Damascus’ moment for the singer who was starting to believe in his own press a little too much. In a case of whether the glass is half full or half empty, this has been seen as an ‘act of the universe’ calling the singer to make a reality check.

Jah Prayzah took a dose of humility and after this he will certainly come down to earth by several inches.

Below are some comments from Zimbas on social media after the ordeal…..

“Muudzei kuti isu tiri vanhu vatema kana une mbiri ndeyako kana uri paruzhinji ita hunhu” commented one Kingstone Gwizo.

“Uri kunyanya kutivhairira kumashows uko after all we would have paid to come see you perform. Don’t forget kwawakabva, pauri wakasvitswa nevanhu. Hanzi naLeonard Zhakata “Tendeuka tendeuka nyora gadziriso yemaitiro ako, chidhanana chinzwa tendeuka tendeuka,” charged one Mike Chigerwe.

Typical of Zimbabweans, some are finding humour in the predicament and have come up with phrases like ‘Jah Bolt, ’speed three graves per second,’ game of stones, among others.
Some fans’ attention has been drawn back to his past altercation with former dancer and backing vocalist, Gonyeti who unceremoniously left Third Generation accusing his former paymaster of sexually abusing him.

“I’m your biggest fan Jah and i love your music asi treat vana vevamwe sezvaunoda kuti wako agoitwawo, gore riya it was Gonyeti and we all castigated and accused her of lying , tevere Baba Harare ukavanyararidza nhasi Chris vese vari kunyepa?” querried Lloyd Max Muzondiwa.

However despite all the criticism some fans have stood by their icon and have been supporting him.

“Soja kusvikira ndafa ini nemhuri yangu even kari under 2 years we love you Jah” commenting Chiedza M Gandiwa.

“Torai ma funeral policy musarova Jah godo ravo we love you Jah” was Judith Chipungu’s comment meaning it was wasn’t Jah Prayzah’s obligation to help out at the funeral.

Despite the divided opinions the graveyard ordeal may just have been the wake-up call Jah needed to come down to earth…..Only time will tell whether the ‘Kutonga kwaro’ hitmaker has repented.



By Simba

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