ZimbabweHuchi Entertainment Ivy Kombo Biography | Age, Husband, Gospel Music Career, Controversies, Arrest

Ivy Kombo Biography | Age, Husband, Gospel Music Career, Controversies, Arrest

Ivy Kombo Biography | Age, Husband, Gospel Music Career, Controversies, Arrest post thumbnail image

Ivy Kombo Biography

Ivy Kombo, a renowned Zimbabwean gospel music artist and lawyer based in the United Kingdom, has had a remarkable journey filled with achievements and controversies. Ivy’s journey began with her passion for music and a strong educational background, leading to her eventual transition into the legal profession. This comprehensive biography delves into Ivy Kombo’s personal and professional life, providing insights into her career, controversies, and public interactions.


Born on April 16, 1975, in Harare, Zimbabwe, Ivy Kombo is currently 48 years old as of 2023.


Ivy Kombo is married to Admire Kasi, the founder of UpperView International Ministries. Ivy and Admire entered into a customary marriage in 2003 and later relocated to the United Kingdom. Prior to her marriage to Admire Kasi, Ivy had a previous marriage with Reverend Edmore (Eddie) Moyo, which eventually ended.

Ivy’s ex-husband, Reverend Edmore Moyo, alleged that Pastor Admire Kasi was responsible for the breakdown of their marriage. He claimed that Kasi continued to contact Ivy even during their honeymoon, and members of the Zimbabwe Assemblies of God Africa (ZAOGA) church, which they used to attend, referred to Ivy as “Kasi’s wife.” This controversy further fueled public discussions.


Ivy Kombo’s educational journey took her from St John’s Chikwaka High School in Zimbabwe to the United Kingdom in 2006. In the UK, Ivy pursued her education, earning an LLB Law and LLM International Commercial Law degree from the University of Bedfordshire. She also achieved an MSC in Project Management from the University of Northampton.

Gospel Career

Early Years

Ivy Kombo is best known for her illustrious gospel music career. In 1992, she became a part of the Ezekiel Guti Evangelical Association Gospel Train (EGEA), widely recognized as Gospel Train, founded by Admire Kasi. Ivy’s debut album, “Mufudzi Wangu,” was recorded in 1993 as a member of the group. EGEA Gospel Train went on to create four successful albums between 1992 and 1996.

Solo Career

In 1996, Ivy Kombo, along with Carol Mujokoro Chivengwa, decided to pursue solo careers and parted ways with the group. As a solo artist since 1993, Ivy Kombo has consistently released a series of popular tracks, including “Nguva Yakwana,” “Handidzokere Shure,” “Mwari Ndimweya,” and “Wawana Jesu.”

Nguva Yakwana Gospel Show

Ivy Kombo is also the co-founder of the Nguva Yakwana Gospel Show, which played a pivotal role in launching the careers of numerous gospel artists. This show serves as a gospel concert and festival, uniting local, regional, and international gospel musicians on a grand stage, allowing them to showcase their talents while providing a platform for emerging artists to kickstart their careers.

The Nguva Yakwana Gospel Show was inaugurated in 2000 by Ivy and Pastor Kasi, the founder of UpperView International Ministries. The annual concert continued until 2006 when Ivy Kombo and Pastor Kasi relocated to the UK. After a hiatus, the concert made a triumphant return in 2019 when Pastor Kasi visited Zimbabwe with Ivy Kombo, reigniting the excitement in the gospel music scene.

Career Switch to Law

In a surprising turn of events in 2023, Ivy Kombo embarked on a remarkable career transition into the field of law. Both Ivy and her husband, Pastor Admire Kasi, announced that they were legally qualified to practice law in Zimbabwe. Ivy holds an LLB Law and LLM International Commercial Law degree from the University of Bedfordshire, while her husband earned a Master’s Degree in Law from the University of Buckingham in the UK.

Ivy Kombo encouraged her followers by emphasizing that it’s never too late to pursue a career change, even as a mother of five. Both Ivy Kombo and Bishop Admire Kasi were admitted as lawyers at the High Court in Harare in February 2023. However, their legal journey took an unexpected turn when they were later arrested on charges of fraud and perjury.


Ivy Kombo’s life and career have been marked by various controversies and challenges. Her journey has included her departure from the EGEA Gospel Train, which led to her solo career, and persistent rumours regarding her personal relationships.

Ex-Husband and Marriage

In 2010, Ivy Kombo’s ex-husband, Reverend Edmore Moyo, spoke out about the collapse of their marriage and alleged that it was destroyed by Pastor Admire Kasi. Pastor Kasi had taken care of Ivy and her twin sister Anne Kombo since they were orphaned and had adopted them as his daughters. This sparked rumours of an affair between Ivy and Pastor Kasi during her marriage to Reverend Moyo, resulting in a public scandal surrounding allegations of adultery.

Defiant Stance

In 2019, Ivy Kombo returned to Zimbabwe after 12 years in exile and faced accusations of adultery, going against accepted norms for marrying Pastor Admire Kasi, who had adopted her as his daughter. Despite the controversy, Ivy remained defiant, asserting that only God could judge her for her choices and actions.

Ivy Kombo 2023 Arrest for Fraud and Perjury

In November 2023, Ivy Kombo and her husband, Pastor Admire Kasi, faced a serious legal issue when they were arrested for allegedly obtaining fake certificates to practice law in Zimbabwe. This came after they were admitted as lawyers at the High Court earlier in the year. The charges against them revolved around fraudulent certificates, purportedly obtained with the assistance of a suspended Council for Legal Education official. They are scheduled to appear at the Magistrates’ court to answer the charges of fraud and perjury, making this one of the most significant challenges in Ivy Kombo’s life and career.


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