ZimbabweHuchi Entertainment iShan Biography | Real Name, Background, Music Career, Discography, Awards, Personal Life

iShan Biography | Real Name, Background, Music Career, Discography, Awards, Personal Life

iShan Biography | Real Name, Background, Music Career, Discography, Awards, Personal Life post thumbnail image

iShan stands out as a celebrated Zimbabwean artist, recognized for his enchanting Afro-fusion melodies and noteworthy collaborations. His unique musical style and unwavering passion for art have garnered him a substantial fan base, extending both within his home country and across borders.

Real Name

Isheanesu Chigagura

Early Life and Background

Born in Guruve, iShan spent his formative years in Mvurwi, surrounded by a vibrant cultural scene and diverse musical influences. Developing a passion for music at a young age, he nurtured his talent and later moved to Kadoma after completing high school. Currently, he resides in Harare.

Musical Journey and Evolution

Introduction to Zimdancehall

In the early stages of his career, iShan explored the Zimdancehall genre, known for its infectious rhythms and energetic beats.

While achieving success in Zimdancehall, iShan realized it wasn’t aligning with his artistic vision.

Driven by a desire for growth, he transitioned to Afro Fusion, embracing Afrobeat’s soulful sounds. This shift marked a pivotal moment, allowing him to carve a unique path in Zimbabwean music.

“I started with Zim Dancehall… I belong to Afrobeats.” – iShan

The “Kure” Collaboration and Breakthrough

A defining moment in iShan’s career was the collaboration on “Kure” with Ti Gonzi. The song’s infectious melody and meaningful lyrics propelled iShan into the limelight, marking an instant hit.

iShan biography

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Challenges and Perseverance

Moments of Doubt

Despite “Kure”’s success, iShan faced moments of doubt, contemplating leaving music. Yet, his passion and fan support motivated him to persist.

Reinvigorated Hope

“Kure”’s rapid success renewed iShan’s hope, inspiring him to push artistic boundaries and create music resonating deeply with his audience.

Artistic Vision and Ambitions

iShan believes in music as a powerful form of expression and connection, transcending boundaries. His aim is to evoke emotions, inspire change, and leave a lasting impact on diverse audiences.


iShan’s musical evolution is evident in his diverse discography, showcasing growth and versatility. Notable tracks include:

  • Kure
  • Lola ft Annatoria
  • Mari ft King98
  • Shungu
  • Kumawere ft Tamy Moyo, Nutty O, Holy Ten
  • One Call Away ft Gemma Griffiths

EP: Bhundu Pop (Sounds from the JUNGLE)


iShan received recognition at the NAMA awards 2020:

  • Outstanding Song: Kure ft TiGonzi
  • Outstanding Newcomer

Personal Life

Beyond his music career, iShan keeps his personal life private, allowing him to focus on artistic and creative pursuits.



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