“I Am A Singer Now”: Former Zimbabwe Cricketer Henry Olonga 

“I Am A Singer Now”: Former Zimbabwe Cricketer Henry Olonga 

Former Zimbabwe cricketer Henry Olonga has said he is now a musician.

Speaking to PTI, Olonga said:

I am a singer now. There is a lot of music in my life. I just did a couple of shows last Friday. My first solo performance without our band. It was just me and the audience.

Post cricket, I did a lot of things, I played for Lashings XI along with the great Sachin Tendulkar for a couple of matches. VVS Laxman also played. I did a few commentary gigs many moons back. Life then kind of took me to different directions.

I have two daughters, elder one soon to be 12 and younger one is 10. My wife is an Australian citizen and I have applied for Australian citizenship too. Hope to get it sometime soon.

And once I qualify, you never know, you might see me on athletics track. Throwing javelin.

Olonga’s cricket international career was prematurely terminated in 2005 after he stood up against “oppression” by the Robert Mugabe regime.

Olonga together with Andy Flower, embarked on the black-armband protest which was held in their opening match against Namibia at the World Cup.

Olonga and Flower never played for Zimbabwe again, and Olonga retired prematurely from international cricket.

Initially charged with treason Olonga faced multiple arrest warrants and death threats. He fled the country in 2003 and lived in exile in Britain for 12 years.



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