A 43-year-old Mutoko headmaster was Wednesday sentenced to 45 years in prison after he was convicted of three counts of rape and another of aggravated indecent assault. The victim, aged 12, is his cousin. According to the state, Vari Bonjisi, a headmaster at Nyamanyora Primary School in Mutoko at an unknown date in 2006, advised the complainant’s mother that he had a lot of beans at his home and instructed her to send her daughter to collect some.

The complainant went to the accused’s house, who instructed her to enter the house and collect the beans that were on top of a room divider. Bonjisi then followed the girl after locking the door. He pushed her violently to the sofa, removed her pants and inserted two fingers into her private parts. The accused warned her not to tell anyone or else she would not conceive as an adult.

The complainant returned home and did not tell anyone about the matter.
On the second count, the state said, at an unknown date during April 2006, the complainant was sent to Bonjisi’s house to collect some DVDs by her aunt. Upon arrival, Bonjisi threatened her and instructed her not to tell anyone about what he wanted to do or else he would not conceive. He then pushed the victim to the sofa and raped her. The girl returned home and kept quiet as instructed.

On the third count, the state said during August 2006,
the girl went to Bonjisi’s house to collect some DVDs.
When she entered the house, Bonjisi forced her to lie on the sofa and raped her once. Again the girl did not report the matter to anyone. On another occasion in August 2006, Bonjisi arrived at the complainant’s homestead and asked her if she wanted some DVDs. They then went together to the accused’s house where he raped her once. On November 2006, the girl disclosed the rape to her mother who in turn reported the matter to police.

The complainant was taken to Mutoko Hospital where the rape was confirmed, leading to Bonjisi’s arrest. Magistrate Simon Rodgers Kachambwa sentenced Bonjisi to 45 years in prison of which 10 were suspended.



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