ZimbabweHuchi Entertainment Greatman’s Wife – Silibaziso Masara Biography| Profile, Age, Career, Controversial DNA Test

Greatman’s Wife – Silibaziso Masara Biography| Profile, Age, Career, Controversial DNA Test

Greatman’s Wife – Silibaziso Masara Biography| Profile, Age, Career, Controversial DNA Test post thumbnail image

Silibaziso Masara, a dedicated nurse based in Harare, is widely recognized as the wife of Zimbabwean musician Tongai Gwaze, popularly known as Greatman. This biography delves into various aspects of her personal and professional life, providing insights into her journey.


The exact birth date of Silibaziso Masara is undisclosed. As of 2023, she is approximately 25 years old, having entered matrimony with Greatman in February 2020.


Details about Silibaziso Masara’s educational background are not publicly available. However, she is recognized as a dedicated nurse by profession.

Marital Status

Silibaziso Masara and Greatman tied the knot in February 2020, navigating the complexities of their union with commitment and dedication.


Contributing to the healthcare sector, Silibaziso Masara serves the community as a devoted nurse in a Harare hospital.


Public scrutiny has surrounded Silibaziso Masara, with accusations of marrying Greatman for financial gain or fame. Despite these controversies, she steadfastly defends her marriage, emphasizing the foundation of unconditional love.


While specific personal achievements are not highlighted, Silibaziso Masara’s unwavering support for her husband during public challenges is noteworthy.

Silibaziso Masara

Silibaziso Masara-Image Source@txprofiles

Controversial DNA Test

During her pregnancy, Silibaziso underwent a DNA test at Greatman’s request, a decision made to affirm her loyalty and fidelity.

Wedding Announcement

In March 2020, Greatman officially announced their marriage on social media, addressing speculation about Silibaziso Masara’s intentions and expressing their commitment to unconditional love.

Wedding Ceremony

In February 2022, Silibaziso Masara and Greatman celebrated a grand wedding ceremony at Mabvuku Talent Village Gardens, symbolizing resilience and hope, particularly given Greatman’s background with muscular dystrophy.

Approval from In-Laws

Guest of honor Felistas Murata (Mai Titi) and others at the wedding ceremony expressed approval for the union, highlighting that love transcends societal expectations, even in the face of disability.


Silibaziso and Greatman welcomed their first child, Karrane Gwaze, in May 2021. The couple openly discusses their joy at becoming parents and expresses a desire to expand their family in the future.

Future Plans

Residing in Westlea, the couple looks forward to a future that includes additional children. Silibaziso Masara expresses aspirations for a larger family, indicating their commitment to the journey of parenthood.


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