ZimbabweHuchi Entertainment Greatman Tongai Gwaze Biography| Age & Date of Birth, Background, Wife, Son, Wedding, Controversy

Greatman Tongai Gwaze Biography| Age & Date of Birth, Background, Wife, Son, Wedding, Controversy

Greatman Tongai Gwaze Biography| Age & Date of Birth, Background, Wife, Son, Wedding, Controversy post thumbnail image

Greatman, born Tongai Gwaze, stands out as a Zimbabwean Afro-fusion artist celebrated for seamlessly merging traditional and contemporary musical elements. His ascent to fame is marked by chart-topping tracks and captivating live shows that have enthralled audiences both within Zimbabwe and on the international stage.

Greatman’s trajectory in the music domain is truly inspirational. Despite encountering obstacles, he has emerged as a beacon of hope and resilience, especially for individuals navigating life with disabilities. Confronting his own disability, Greatman has harnessed the power of his music to champion inclusivity and challenge societal perceptions of those with disabilities in Zimbabwe.

Age & Date Of Birth

Greatman, born on June 24, 1993, is currently 30 years old as of June 2023.


Meet Greatman Tongai Gwaze, a resilient Afro-fusion artist who defied the odds of congenital malformation and myopathy to establish himself in the music industry. Raised in the challenging environment of Mhangura, Zimbabwe, Greatman turned his painful childhood experiences into the driving force behind his music career, advocating for inclusivity and change.

Musical Journey

Greatman’s musical journey commenced during his high school days at Mhangura Secondary School, where his talent and determination, supported by the Chari brothers, gained recognition. In 2017, his debut album “Chikara Muno” marked the beginning of a remarkable career, capturing the attention of renowned musicians like Sulumani Chimbetu.

Collaborations and Success

Greatman’s breakthrough came with the collaboration with Sulumani, resulting in the hit song “Pandakazvarwa.” His music resonated internationally, and collaborations with Mathias Mhere and Dorcas Moyo further solidified his place in the industry.

Wife & Family

Silibaziso Masara

Silibaziso Masara and Greatman-Image Source@Facebook

Greatman is happily married to Silibaziso Masara, his “sweetheart.” Their love story, starting in Harare, led to a beautiful white wedding at Mabvuku Talent Village Gardens in February 2022. Their union is blessed with a son, Karrane Gwaze, born in May 2021.


Greatman’s wedding to Silibaziso Masara faced controversy due to his disability. Undeterred, the couple proceeded with lobola and a white wedding, gaining support from various quarters, including the Office of the President.

Wedding Controversy

Controversy arose post-wedding as Greatman and his family found themselves in debt. Accusations of mishandled funds against TEO Events, the organizing company, led to a dispute. Eventually, peace was made through apologies and agreements to settle the remaining balances.

Challenges and Resilience

Greatman faced financial constraints and a lack of local support, resorting to street performances to sustain his music career and family. Despite challenges, his resilience and dedication have earned him respect, proving that determination triumphs over obstacles.

Legacy and Impact

Greatman’s story and music inspire globally, breaking societal norms and stereotypes. Beyond the entertainment industry, he advocates for disability rights, promoting inclusivity and understanding. His impact extends through heartfelt lyrics and a powerful voice.



  • Pandakazvarwa (featuring Sulumani Chimbetu)
  • Mwanakomana
  • Ndo…
  • Ciara
  • Jambwa Iroro
  • Mwanangu


  • Cheziya (2018)
  • Chikara Chemuno (2017)
Greatman Tongai Gwaze’s journey from a small town in Zimbabwe to a renowned musician exemplifies talent, resilience, and determination. His story is an inspiration, proving that obstacles can be overcome through determination and the power of music.



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