“Gossip Is My Major Source Of Income “: Socialite Evidence Chihera

“Gossip Is My Major Source Of Income”: Socialite Evidence Chihera

Socialite Evidence “Chihera” Jiri has said gossip is her major source of income.

Chihera who is popularly known for revealing other people’s secrets has claimed gossiping on social media was her art and fed her family.

Chihera who is set to launch her album on Thursday has told a local tabloid H-Metro that her latest project, “Zarura Masango,” is a mirror of her life, praising God and her forefathers for possibilities.

She thanked God and her forefathers for the favours.

Several entertainers will accompany her record launch at East Point in the capital.

She noted the album’s dancehall, afro-fusion, and mbira genres helped her integrate with other artists.

Initially Chihera was a gospel musician before turning to social media.

As a gospel musician, she once grabbed the headlines after she fought fellow artist Mathias Mhere over “Favour.”

She alleged that Mhere stole her Favour project.

In other news, Zimbabwe Huchi had reported that Citizen Coalition for Change (CCC) spokesperson Fadzayi Mahere recently shared her thoughts on the ongoing social media debate on insurance and said schools’ curricula must include insurance courses after arguing that lessons on the anatomy of locusts are not helpful to most learners.

Taking to her Twitter page, Mahere said insurance issues affect everyone, unlike locusts issues. She wrote:



When I say the duties of the insurer & the insured should be taught in school, monditi (you say) no, focus on the anatomy of the locust. We don’t all apply “head-thorax-abdomen” to real life but we all encounter insurance. Teach it. It’s not hard. Hatisikurwa (we’re not fighting).




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