The mystery of the selfless Gogo who donated her pots at a Presbyterian church in Highlands continues to deepen by the hour.

Billionaire telecoms mogul Strive Masiyiwa offered her a house anywhere she wanted in Zimbabwe, coupled with a $1,000 monthly allowance for the rest of her life as a thank you for taking action at a time the nation cried for donations to cyclone Idai victims.

After that revelation, everyone wanted to know who Gogo is and what drove her to make such a personal sacrifice. Everyone wanted to know why she had left other organisations nearer Mbare that were willing to forward her donation to Cyclone Idai victims. Star FM are receiving donations and are literally a stone throw from Mbare. Why did Gogo not pick this option? People wanted to know.

So Gogo, especially on social media, became the most wanted person in Zimbabwe.

But it was yesterday that the search for Gogo intensified after reports that business mogul Strive Masiyiwa was looking for her to build her a house in an area of her choice plus a further pledge to give her $1000 monthly allowance for her upkeep.

Gogo Mutsonziwa
“When this (Cyclone Idai) is over, I’m going to find her, and invite her to come and see me, if possible: Then: I will spend time in prayer with her! Then I will BUILD HER A HOUSE, ANYWHERE SHE WANTS IN ZIMBABWE! It will have solar power and running water! Then: I WILL GIVE HER A MONTHLY ALLOWANCE OF $1000 for life!,’ pledged Masiyiwa as he responded to one of his Facebook followers who had asked what he shall do for Gogo.

A few hours later Chicken Hut, through their twitter handle, claimed they had located Gogo.

“Thank you Zwitter…We located Gogo We feel you should know, Gogo Mutsonziwa is grateful for everyone who has shown their support and Ubuntu towards the #CycloneIdai In her words ” the moment I accept publicity and gifts her (sic) gesture is no longer for God”. #goodheart #Zimbabwe” they tweeted.

What did their tweet mean? Did it mean Gogo had turned down an offer from Masiyiwa to get a house and $1000 monthly allowance for life?

One of their followers even asked the question and the response was, “We are respecting what she told us…” and then later, “We cannot answer on her behalf”.

Gogo has clearly stated she is not willing to talk to the media as this, in her eyes, is akin to glorifying her sacrifice and gift for men’s praise. She wants to give for God.

There is a twitter user who even suggested that Gogo’s whole story is fake and she never walked from Mbare but owns a house in Avonlea and even drives. He called her Gogo Mutsonziwa and claimed she lives 200m from his home.

That claim only helped to make Gogo more mysterious and if true, it would turn a whole church’s Facebook post into a lie.

Gogo has time to reflect on the offer from Strive because he will only look for her when the world is done assisting Cyclone Idai victims and Manicaland is built anew.

Meanwhile we wait, and as this story unfolds, the call for aid in Chimanimani and other affected areas is still loud and urgent.

Credit : H-Metro



By Mandisa

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