ZimbabweHuchi Sport Godfrey “Vokal” Bakasa Biography | Early Life & Education, Personal Life, Career, Controversies, Trivia

Godfrey “Vokal” Bakasa Biography | Early Life & Education, Personal Life, Career, Controversies, Trivia

Godfrey “Vokal” Bakasa Biography | Early Life & Education, Personal Life, Career, Controversies, Trivia post thumbnail image
Godfrey “Vokal” Bakasa, a prominent figure from Zimbabwe, has made a mark in managing sports and entertainment personalities. His career, highlighted by managing Khama Billiat, extends into various fields, including the music industry.

Real Name, Age & Date of Birth

Widely recognized by his moniker “Vokal,” Godfrey Bakasa has become synonymous with his work in the entertainment and sports industry. Unfortunately, details about his date of birth and age remain undisclosed.

Early Life & Education

Little is known about Bakasa’s early life and educational background, as he has maintained a relatively private stance on these aspects.

Personal Life

Godfrey Bakasa keeps a low profile regarding his personal life. Details about his family, relationships, or personal interests are not publicly disclosed.


Bakasa’s journey in sports and entertainment management has been diverse, transitioning from music to sports management. Notably, he managed Zim Dancehall musician Seh Calaz before taking on the role of Khama Billiat’s manager in 2020.

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Entry into Sports Management

Bakasa’s venture into sports management took an unexpected turn when he assumed the role of Khama Billiat’s manager after the player’s separation from his previous agent, Mike Ngobeni, in August 2020.

Background in Music Management

Prior to managing sports personalities, Bakasa gained recognition for his management role in the music industry. Notably, he managed Zim Dancehall musician Seh Calaz, earning two nominations for the Manager of the Year accolade at the Zim Dancehall Awards in 2015 and 2016.

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Managing Rapper Desmond ‘Stunner’ Chideme

Bakasa transitioned from music to sports management by overseeing the career of rapper Desmond ‘Stunner’ Chideme from 2016 to 2018.

Challenges in Managing Khama Billiat

Upon taking on the responsibility of managing Khama Billiat, Bakasa acknowledged the challenges associated with his relatively new position in the sports management sphere. Despite the difficulties, he expressed confidence in leveraging his experience managing other prominent brands to enhance Billiat’s career.

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Controversy arose following Khama Billiat’s departure from Kaizer Chiefs in 2023, with the club claiming that the player had ‘gone AWOL’ after failed contract negotiations. Some critics questioned Bakasa’s role in guiding Billiat through the exit, suggesting that a more strategic approach could have been employed.

Lack of Clarity in Billiat’s Career Management

Critics have raised concerns about the effectiveness of Bakasa as Billiat’s agent, particularly in addressing key aspects of a football agent’s role such as career management, transfer negotiation, and contract negotiation.


In an interview dated August 29, 2020, Bakasa emphasised his commitment to managing a brand like Khama Billiat despite his background being more closely related to the music industry.


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