ZimbabweHuchi Sport George Chigova Biography & Profile: Age, Wife, Career, Football Clubs, Death, Nigerian Prophet Visit Controversy

George Chigova Biography & Profile: Age, Wife, Career, Football Clubs, Death, Nigerian Prophet Visit Controversy

George Chigova Biography & Profile: Age, Wife, Career, Football Clubs, Death, Nigerian Prophet Visit Controversy post thumbnail image

George Chigova, a distinguished Zimbabwean professional footballer, served as a goalkeeper for renowned clubs such as SuperSport United, Polokwane City, and Dynamos. His impactful career extended to representing the Zimbabwean national men’s football team, the Warriors, in the 2014 African Nations Championship.

This biography delves into the intricate details of George Chigova’s career, his achievements, and a glimpse into his personal life.

Early Life

Born on March 4, 1991, in Harare, Zimbabwe, George Chigova spent his early years in Mvuma before his family relocated to Bulawayo. His football journey commenced at a young age, notably making his debut for the first team while still in grade six. Education-wise, he attended How Mine Primary School and later pursued studies at Mzilikazi and Lord Malvern, completing his Form 4 in Harare in 2006.

Career Beginnings

Chigova’s football career took flight when he joined Aces Academy in 2007, later transitioning to Gunners F.C. in 2010. A significant move occurred in 2012 when he joined Dynamos F.C., marking a pivotal moment in his professional journey. His debut for Dynamos against Highlanders Football Club showcased his skill, earning him early respect and recognition.

Football Stints

George Chigova biography

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George Chigova’s career transcended Zimbabwe’s borders as he joined prominent South African clubs, including SuperSport United in 2014 and Polokwane City in 2015. His resilience and prowess significantly contributed to these teams during his tenure.

Return to SuperSport United and Death

After a successful stint with Polokwane City, Chigova returned to SuperSport United in 2020. Unfortunately, he faced health issues, leading to his tragic passing on November 15, 2023, at the age of 32, in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Dealing with a heart ailment for several months, Chigova officially left SuperSport United in June 2023 due to health complications related to his heart issues.

George Chigova’s Wife & Personal Life

George Chigova was married to Nokuthula, and they shared a close-knit family, as revealed by a relative following his sudden demise.

Legacy and Impact

Throughout his illustrious career, George Chigova left an indelible mark as a talented goalkeeper known for making crucial saves. His dedication and skill were evident in his performances for various clubs and the Zimbabwe national team.

Controversy Over Death After Consulting Nigerian Prophet

Encounter with a Nigerian Prophet

Following George Chigova’s passing, a video surfaced featuring an encounter between the late footballer and a Nigerian prophet. The video depicted the prophet advising Chigova to dismiss the diagnosis of a heart condition, attributing the purported ailment solely to the footballer’s thoughts.

This advice raised concerns about the influence of non-medical advice on critical health matters, especially regarding severe conditions like a heart ailment.

A video has emerged of the late Zimbabwean goalkeeper George Chigova (32) visiting a Nigerian prophet in South Africa who appears to tell him to ignore advice that he had a heart problem and insisting “there is nothing on you, its your thoughts.”




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