Injuries during s’ex are more common than you think and the positions you experiment with have a lot to do with it.Strange though, but here are four of the most dangerous se_xual manoeuvres:

#1. Girl On Top

Like Seriously? I was shattered when I learnt this position actually is harmful. Too bad! One hell of a s’ex position lovers enjoy especially, the men. Hmmmm! One of the best positions to make a woman achieve 0rg-asm. Well they say it’s dangerous and we must pay attention.

A recent study found that the popular woman-on-top position is the most dangerous.

This s’ex position, was deemed as responsible for half of all pen1le fractures according to a recent study in Brazil.

According to the revelations by scientists, once the woman was on top, she has little or no chance to interrupt or control the pen1s when it suffers a “wrong way pe_netration” because the woman controls the pen1s with her entire body weight resting on it.

#2. The Pogo Stick

Another risky position that the research revealed, that exerts pressure on the man’s back which could cause long term problems.

This position requires the man to apply all strength to hold the woman in way as if she is falling back but suspended and waist held firmly by him whilst performing without obstructing the rhythm. A great deal of arm strength is needed to keep her from falling backwards and cracking her head open.

This is essentially a missi0nary position which otherwise would be very convenient for couples, in that it allows the guy a free maneuver of his waist in all vigour whilst standing up but sadly so, it is rather dangerous because of the excessive strain on the guy’s back more often than not.

Waggling the waist around while standing up in all ecstasy also does not guarantee the safety of the woman and she virtually stands the risk of being dropped.

#3. D0ggy Style

Another favourite s’ex posture most lovers prefer; one that many can’t do without. A recent poll of adults across the UK by Ann Summers revealed that one in every four people favour the d0ggy s’ex position. But remember you are being told by the experts that it is dangerous to your health and that research in Brazil found that 29% of men’s pen1s fractures were caused by this s’ex position.

#4.The C0wgirl Lean Back

She is seated on top of you while you are on your back this time she is leaning back with her hands wandering around your ankles

You’re on your back and she’s sitting on top of you, but rather than leaning forward with her hands on your chest, she’s leaning right back with her hands wandering around your ankles. Another favourite of lovers but usually liked by the women and a real 0rg-asm stimulant.

It is dangerous! This position allows a greater weight of the woman on top to be exerted on the pen1s. The pen1s subsequently bends the wrong way from the excessive strain on it.

A study from the University of California, San Francisco revealed that just like an elbow or knee, an erect pen1s can be ‘hyperextended’ if one exerts too much pressure downwards on the shaft.

One could get ill from peyr0nnie’s disease over time which is a build up plaques that usually causes one’s pen1s to bend even though erect.

In extreme cases s’ex becomes difficult or virtually impossible.

So maybe make her lean forward in future!

If you want to play it safe in the bedroom, the best position to go for is man-on-top, more commonly known as Missionary.

“Our study supports the fact that s’exual intercourse with ‘woman on top’ is the potentially riskiest s’exual position related to pen1le fracture,” said the scientists who conducted the study into pen1s fractures.

“When the man is controlling the movement, he has better chances of stopping the penetration energy in response to the pain related to the pen1s harm, minimising it.”





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