ZimbabweHuchi Entertainment Freeman HKD Biography: Real Name, Age, Early Life, Music Career, Awards

Freeman HKD Biography: Real Name, Age, Early Life, Music Career, Awards

Freeman HKD Biography: Real Name, Age, Early Life, Music Career, Awards post thumbnail image

Freeman HKD Biography: Real Name, Age, Early Life, Music Career, Awards

Freeman, also known as Freeman HKD, HKD Boss, or Doctor wemaGitare, is a prominent Zimbabwean Zimdancehall artist, songwriter, and producer. He gained widespread recognition with his chart-topping track “Joina City” in 2010. Since then, Freeman has continued to make his mark in the music industry with numerous albums, singles, and collaborations with fellow artists. He is also the visionary founder of HKD Records, a renowned record label that has nurtured many successful Zimdancehall talents.

Early Life and Career

Freeman’s journey began on June 22, 1988, when he was born as Emegy Sylvester Chizanga in Bindura, Mashonaland Central province, Zimbabwe. He spent his formative years in a family of six and received his early education in Bindura.

Before pursuing a career in music, Freeman had a stint as a professional footballer, playing for Mwana Africa F.C. in the first-division league. Additionally, he worked as a butcher boy in Waterfalls during the late 2000s. It was in 2010 that his life took a pivotal turn when he crossed paths with DJ Staera, who introduced him to Hillary Mutake of Punchline Entertainment. This marked the beginning of his public performances.

His breakthrough came with the release of the sensational track “Joina City,” which quickly became a radio sensation across Zimbabwe. In recognition of his influence, Freeman earned a spot on the list of the 100 most influential young Zimbabweans in 2013. Two years prior, in 2012, he established HKD Records, a record label that serves as a creative hub for numerous celebrated artists, including Daruler, Delroy, Vivian, Black Warrior, Crystal, and Maggikal. Freeman is also affectionately known as HKD Boss.


Freeman’s discography boasts nine studio albums, a mixtape, and an array of hit singles. Some of his notable tracks include “Shaina,” “Bata Ruwoko Rwangu,” “Doctor Weemagitare,” “Ngaibake” (featuring Alick Macheso), “Nzenza” (featuring Ex Q), and “iParty” (featuring Sandra Ndebele).

His musical talent has transcended borders, leading him to perform in the United Kingdom alongside fellow Zimbabwean artists such as Tocky Vibes and Nox Guni. Moreover, Freeman has collaborated with top Zimdancehall artists like Winky D, Shinsoman, Celscius, and Lady Squanda. Below is a list of albums released by Freeman HKD:

  • Tapinda Mustaera (2011)
  • Last Man Standing (2012)
  • Vabeliver (2013)
  • New Chapter (2014)
  • Varidzi Vezvinhu (2015)
  • Mangoma Ihobho (2016)
  • Top Stricker (2017)
  • Mukuru WeKambani (2018)
  • Gango (2019)
  • Freeman & Friends (2020)
  • Robber (2021)
  • David And Goliath (2022)

Freeman HKD Awards

Freeman’s musical prowess has been celebrated with several prestigious awards. Some of his notable accolades include Zimdancehall Awards for Best Male Artist (2014), Best Social Message (2015), Best Collaboration (2016), and Best Album (2019). He also clinched top honors at the Zimbabwe Music Awards (ZIMA) in 2023, winning Song of the Year, Best Male Artist of the Year, and Album of the Year. Furthermore, he triumphed at the Star FM Awards in 2023, securing titles for Best Zimdancehall Artist, Best Collaboration, and Song of the Year.

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