ZimbabweHuchi Business Frank Buyanga Biography: Background, Fraud Cases, SARS Battle, Custody Wars, Philanthropy

Frank Buyanga Biography: Background, Fraud Cases, SARS Battle, Custody Wars, Philanthropy

Frank Buyanga Biography: Background, Fraud Cases, SARS Battle, Custody Wars, Philanthropy post thumbnail image

Frank Buyanga Sadiqi, born Tawanda Buyanga on September 14, 1979, in the United Kingdom, emerged as one of South Africa’s youngest millionaires through diverse business ventures. In 2012, he changed his name to Frank Buyanga Sadiq, a move believed to be an effort to conceal his identity after landing on Interpol’s wanted list.

Business Ventures and Controversies

Buyanga’s journey to success was marred by controversies, notably when he moved to South Africa in 2011. Accusations of defrauding more than 45 individuals in Zimbabwe through Hamilton Property Holdings surrounded him. In 2010, stepping down as the director of the company raised suspicions of evading potential fraud charges.

Amidst Zimbabwe’s 2008 turmoil, Buyanga faced allegations of lending money with properties as collateral, later selling them before loan agreements expired. Legal battles ensued, including attempts to interdict his company from selling 45 properties. Troubles escalated when a borrower committed suicide, leading to a series of legal confrontations.

Legal Battles and International Scrutiny

Frank Buyanga biography

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In 2013, Buyanga enlisted the services of top Israeli lawyer Nick Kaufman, asserting innocence regarding alleged swindling of over US$4 million. His relocation to South Africa was explained as a pursuit of rights and liberties denied in Zimbabwe. Despite ongoing investigations, negotiations with Cell Funeral Assurance Company were on the horizon in October 2014.

Legal Victories and Clearance

Buyanga’s fortunes took a turn when he was cleared by the Zimbabwe Republic Police, refuting claims of involvement in shady businesses. His removal from Interpol’s wanted list marked a legal victory.

Rolls Royce Battle and Custody Disputes

Engulfed in a legal battle with South African authorities over a Rolls Royce, Buyanga faced impoundment and auction without due process. Successfully proving adherence to importation procedures led to the repossession of the vehicle. Simultaneously, a custody battle with ex-girlfriend Chantelle Muteswa intensified, coupled with allegations of an affair with Marry Chiwenga.

Philanthropy Through Hamilton Foundation

Beyond the controversies, Buyanga is actively involved in philanthropy through the Hamilton Foundation, established in 2012. Focused on aiding the underprivileged in Africa, especially Zimbabwe, the foundation supports various projects, including food and blanket donations, sponsoring orphaned children’s education, providing water infrastructure, and contributing to religious organizations.

Buyanga’s philanthropic efforts also extended to raising over GBP500,000 for mission funds during his tenure as a deacon at Forward in Faith Ministries International in the UK.

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