ZimbabweHuchi Entertainment Four Seasons Media ZW – The Rising Zimbabwean Entertainment Company

Four Seasons Media ZW – The Rising Zimbabwean Entertainment Company

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Discover the dynamic world of Four Seasons Media ZW, a Zimbabwean entertainment company that has been making waves in the industry. Founded in October 2023, this multimedia powerhouse is known for its diverse content offerings.

Formation and Founders

Four Seasons Media ZW came into existence when a talented group of creative individuals, including popular actors Jatiwero, Netsai, Vhovho, and Ozemwa, decided to part ways with Naiza Boom Films. Their exit from Naiza Boom marked the birth of this exciting venture.

Reasons for Departure

The decision to leave Naiza Boom Films was driven by a combination of factors, including:

  1. Low Salaries Allegations: The departing members expressed dissatisfaction with their remuneration, citing a decline in payments over time.
  2. Unprofessional Behavior Allegations: Allegations of unprofessional behavior within Naiza Boom created an unhealthy working environment, prompting their exit.

Growth and Content

Since its inception, Four Seasons Media ZW has quickly gained recognition for its captivating content offerings, which encompass advertising, sponsorship, endorsements, skits, MC services, video vixen appearances, marketing, and bookings. Their short skits and YouTube drama series, presented in the local Shona language, have become fan favorites and feature former Naiza Boom actors.

How to Contact Four Seasons Media ZW

If you’re interested in connecting with Four Seasons Media ZW for inquiries or business-related matters, you can reach out to their management through the following contact details:

  • Phone: +263 71 952 9922
  • Alternate Phone: +263 77 2271

Feel free to use these contact numbers for any management-related queries or potential collaborations with the media house.


For more in-depth information on the departure from Naiza Boom and the formation of Four Seasons Media ZW, you can refer to the following sources:


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