Manje last saturday iyo umwe mface akasender $1000 ku wrong number via eco-cash nemistake& knew kuti before withdrawal is made he had to think out of the box if he was to get his cash back. So akabva asender text iyi

Hi Mdara,i hope u are ok. I hope u have received the cash i sent you for the initial ceremony of joining
Illuminati Satanism, scheduled  at 12 midnight,that’s only for transport….i’ll send u some other 5000.00 for pocket money & there are more riches waiting for u,Remember also to carry a syringe meant to draw ur blood every 20min. please don’t be late because the devil will be present to preside over the ceremony.

Thanks in advance. AFTER 4 Minutes he gets an Eco-cash message” -U have received $1000.00″..

One word kudhisikiraibha muface uyu?



By Simba

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