Keyboard Trouble? Worry not!!
Keyboard Trouble? Worry not!!

Eye Recently splled sprte on my keyboard and now my letter sn’t workng anymore. ! have learned to cope wth ths though by usng several d|fferent approaches to replace and prevent others from not1cng that my letter eye !s mssng. Eye hope that by sharng these h!nts w!th you here, those of you who are also sufferng w!th a mssng eye can stll type effectvely.


  1. Learn to wrght wthout an eye. Try to avoyd words wth a lot of eyes, or try to replace them wth another letter, lyke so: Msssspp becomes Myssessyppee. Hopefully thys wll prevent others from notcng that you are mssng your eye.
  2. Replace your eyes w!th a s!m!l!ar look!ng character, lyke the exclamatlon po!nt here. After all, the exclamat!on po!nt s nearly an eye, just upsyde down. letters lyke the lower case L and / also work to. Eye have also found 1 and | thys th|ng to be effect!ve.
  3. Sometmes t can be helpful to avod substtutes entrely, as they can get confusng. Also substtute letters tend to gve your wrttngs an unprofessional bent. Make sure toconsder ths when wrttng your letters.
  4. Lastly, consder copyng and pastng an “I” from somewhere else, and pastng t whereever you need an eye. Ths can be tyme consum1ng though, whch !s why t should only be used as a last resort.
  5. Cons!der buyng a new keyboard. !f you have a laptop, lke me, th!s wll requre go1ng to a computer store and gett!ng them to f/x it, wh!ch s really expens!ve. Eye recommend avo!d!ng th!s approach, as most people can funct!on just fyne w!thout the letter eye.


  1. Try to vary whych approaches you use to replace eye, thys w!ll make yt seem lyke you are try1ng to deal wyth the problem |nn an effectyve manner.


  1. a m!ss!ng letter requlres a lot of creatlv!ty to be dealt wyth effectyvely. Be prepared to ynn!t!ate thes creatlv|ty to fynd a method that works for you.


  1. Eye have found some e-mayls and other wrlttlng to be confused by thes s!tuat!on. Be prepared for th1s and don’t be afrayd to explayn your sltuat!on to the person on the other end of the keyboards.


  1. Excercyse caut!on when attempteng to get your letter eye fyxed. Many places w!ll try to overcharge you for the repa!rs. Good methods to reduce pryces Nclude barteryng, and offeryng to trade th!ngs for the servyces. Also be sure to portray yourself as though you don’t really need the repayr to cont!nue funct!onyng. Thys wyll be seen as a drop n demand, forcyng them to lower there pryces.



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