It has  occurred me to me that since  indigenisation is now the only game in town, its high time the Ministry of higher and tertiary education introduce a degree called BSc Indigenisation studies in state universities. I am sure if they collaborate with the guys yonder at ministry of PsychoMotor bla bla, this can be easily arranged.

Potential Modules could be

1) BEE & Mordern African Business studies.
2) Contemporary empowerment.
3)Agrarian reform & Political Economics an Introduction.
4) Introduction to Natural and National Resources management.
5)Wealth & Youth.
6) Mobilisation Basics.
7) Introduction to Mob Psychology
8) Poverty and the common man
9) Finance for Tom Dick and Harry (advanced reading.. Finance for Dummies).
10)Advanced Patriotism & Bootlicking!
11 History Of Zimbabwe from Chimurenga to Independence.
12) Patriotic Studies



By Simba

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