ZimbabweHuchi Entertainment EXQ Biography | Real Name, Age, Music Career, Divorce, Arrest

EXQ Biography | Real Name, Age, Music Career, Divorce, Arrest

EXQ Biography | Real Name, Age, Music Career, Divorce, Arrest post thumbnail image

EXQ Biography | Real Name, Age, Music Career, Divorce, Arrest

His Real Name and Age

The celebrated urban grooves sensation EX-Q was born as Enock Munhenga on January 11th. His birth year remains undisclosed, leaving fans eager to unravel the artist’s age.

ExQ’s Music Career

EX-Q catapulted to stardom at the turn of the millennium with the release of his chart-topping hit, ‘Musalala’ or ‘Salad.’ This track propelled him into the limelight as urban grooves music gained popularity in Zimbabwe. Collaborations with fellow urban grooves artists, such as Roki, Tererai Mugwadi, Stunner, and Extra Large, further solidified his status in the industry.

In 2005, EX-Q released his debut album ‘Exquisite,’ featuring tracks like ‘Mazirudo’ and ‘Ndichakutevera.’ His sophomore effort, “Love is my Religion,” saw him collaborate with various artists, most notably the legendary Oliver Mtukudzi on the hit song “Pane Rudo.” In 2018, he dropped ‘Tseu Tseu,’ an album that garnered acclaim from his devoted fan base.

ExQ’s Divorce Controversy

In 2014, EX-Q stirred controversy when he ended his six-year marriage with Irene Office, who also managed his career. Speculation arose that he left his wife for an older, wealthier girlfriend residing in Mount Pleasant. Reports of a romantic trip to Nyanga with the new partner fueled the rumours. However, EX-Q clarified that the Nyanga visit was a family affair and denied leaving his wife for someone else. He cited his wife’s interference in his music career as one of the reasons for their separation.

ExQ’s Wife and Children

In May 2020, EX-Q tied the knot with Mandisa, and later that year, they welcomed their first child together in October. EX-Q has two other children, Trey and Tiara, from his previous marriage to Irene Office.

His Arrest

In June 2021, EX-Q faced legal trouble when he and fellow musician Nutty O were arrested for presenting fake COVID-19 certificates upon their return from South Africa at a Zimbabwean airport. Their case led them to appear before the Harare Magistrates’ Court on June 25, 2021, where they faced fraud allegations. Initially denied bail, their hearing was postponed to June 28, 2021. Eventually, both artists were released on bail, each paying $5,000.

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