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Ewan Macmillan: The Zimbabwean Gold Dealer and Suspected Smuggler

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Ewan Macmillan: The Zimbabwean Gold Dealer and Suspected Smuggler

Ewan Macmillan Age & Family

Ewan Macmillan, also known as Mr Gold, was born on January 3, 1971, making him currently 52 years old. Not much is known about his family, including whether he is married or has any siblings. However, it is known that his father, Ian Hugh Macmillan, is a retired businessman.

Illegal Gold Deals and Prison Time

Throughout his life, Macmillan has been involved in illegal gold deals and faced prison time for his activities. His first encounter with the law occurred in the early 1990s when he was only 21 years old and was jailed for gold smuggling. Since then, he has had multiple stints in prison related to gold smuggling.

Macmillan is part of a group of smugglers, including someone named Pattni, who collaborate with Zimbabwe’s state-run refinery, Fidelity Printers and Refinery. Their operation involves delivering a quota of gold, purchased from small-scale miners, to the refinery. Subsequently, the gold is exported to Dubai, providing hard currency for the Zimbabwean government. However, this mechanism also enables smugglers like Macmillan to launder millions of dollars.

Money Laundering Claims and Political Connections

Ewan Macmillan-Image Source@Aljezeera

Ewan Macmillan-Image Source@Aljezeera

The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe’s Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) is currently investigating Macmillan due to alleged money laundering claims. The suspicions arose after the release of a four-part documentary series, Gold Mafia, by Al Jazeera, which implicated significant political figures in corruption and suspected criminal activity.

The documentary made startling claims about Macmillan’s high-profile political connections, including a business partnership with Zimbabwe’s President, Emmerson Mnangagwa. According to the documentary, Macmillan was quoted as saying, “And you will not believe this, my partner is the president. I did 60 days in prison, and my partner is the new president.” These allegations have added further scrutiny to Macmillan’s dealings and political affiliations.

Ewan Macmillan’s Net Worth

As a person who avoids the public eye, Macmillan’s net worth remains unknown. However, with recent revelations regarding his political connections and potential involvement in money laundering, more information about his life and financial status may come to light in the future.

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