ZimbabweHuchi Business Emmanuel Makandiwa Biography | Age, Wife, Church

Emmanuel Makandiwa Biography | Age, Wife, Church

Emmanuel Makandiwa Biography | Age, Wife, Church post thumbnail image

Emmanuel Makandiwa Biography | Age, Wife, Church 

Early Life and Background

Emmanuel Makandiwa, born on December 25, 1977, to Lilian Makandiwa, hails from Muzarabani. His upbringing was rooted in a farming family with deep ties to the Apostolic Faith Mission in Zimbabwe Church in Muzarabani. Before returning to his hometown, he pursued his secondary education at Zengeza High School in Chitungwiza.

Ministry Journey

Emmanuel Makandiwa’s journey into ministry began with his active involvement in organizing gospel crusades and preaching while growing up in a devout Christian household. He moved to Harare and obtained a Diploma in Theology from A.F.M’s Living Waters Theological Seminary in 2002. Makandiwa claims to have received a divine calling in 1995, a vision that set the course for his future.

He started his pastoral career as an assistant under Reverend Aspher Madziyire, the former President of AFM. Over time, Makandiwa’s spiritual journey led him to become a pastor in various assemblies, including Shangani, How Mine, and Hebron in Chitungwiza. In August 2008, he founded an inter-denominational church that quickly gained attention, with his sermons even broadcast on national television.

Establishing United Family International Church (UFIC)

In 2010, Makandiwa renamed his church to United Family International Church (UFIC). However, this transition wasn’t without its challenges. Reports suggest that his growing commitment to UFIC led to the neglect of his responsibilities at his Chitungwiza assembly. In response, the executives at AFM gave him a choice to remain with AFM or solely focus on UFIC, to which he chose the latter.

Controversies and Impact

Makandiwa’s journey has been marked by controversies that have garnered media attention:

1. Mass Wedding Ceremony

In November 2014, Makandiwa organized a large-scale wedding ceremony that defied government directives. This action received criticism from traditionalists and sparked debates about cultural customs.

2. Allegations Of Being A Fake Prophet

In February 2014, pastors from Ghana accused Makandiwa of using charms to perform miracles, casting doubts on his authenticity as a prophet. These allegations raised questions about the legitimacy of self-proclaimed prophets emerging in Zimbabwe.

3. COVID-19 Predictions

Emmanuel Makandiwa claimed to have predicted the use of hydroxychloroquine as a COVID-19 cure before scientists began studying the disease. He also made prophecies about the pandemic’s outbreak, its severity, and China’s alleged manipulation of the disease.

4. Legal Disputes

Makandiwa faced legal action when Upenyu and Blessing Mashangwa accused him of making a false prophecy that led them to invest heavily in their business, which eventually collapsed. They sought compensation for their losses.

Emmanuel Makandiwa’s life and ministry continue to spark discussions and debates, with his followers steadfastly supporting his teachings and prophecies.

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