ZimbabweHuchi Uncategorized Embark on a Journey of Honor: Zimbabwe National Army Officer Cadet Recruitment 2024

Embark on a Journey of Honor: Zimbabwe National Army Officer Cadet Recruitment 2024

Embark on a Journey of Honor: Zimbabwe National Army Officer Cadet Recruitment 2024 post thumbnail image

The Zimbabwe National Army is actively seeking accomplished individuals to join the ranks as Officer Cadets in the year 2024. With open positions within the army, this recruitment initiative offers a unique chance for Zimbabweans, both residing within and outside the country, to contribute to their nation with honor and dedication.

Eligibility Criteria

To be considered for this esteemed position, candidates must meet specific criteria:

  • Educational Requirements: Candidates should possess a minimum of six points at ‘A’ level and pass five ‘O’ level subjects with a grade of ‘C’ or better, including English Language and Mathematics. Higher qualifications are advantageous.
  • Age Limit: Applicants should be between 18 and 22 years old for ‘A’ level holders and up to 26 years old for those with Diplomas or Degrees.
  • Marital Status: Candidates must be single.
  • Physical Requirements: Male candidates should have a minimum height of 1.65m and weigh not less than 55 kgs, while female candidates should have a minimum height of 1.55m and weigh not less than 53 kgs.
  • Application Process: Interested individuals should submit their application letters along with certified copies of their academic and professional certificates at designated venues within their provinces and districts from February 5 to February 19, 2024.
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Application Submission Locations and Contacts

For detailed information and application submission, candidates can contact the following numbers corresponding to their province:

  • Matabeleland North Province: Headquarters 1 Infantry Brigade (Mzilikazi Barracks) in Bulawayo. Telephone number: (0292) 209436.
  • Matabeleland South Province: Headquarters Bulawayo District (Lookout Masuku Barracks) in Bulawayo. Telephone number: (0292) 66687.
  • Mashonatand East Province: Headquarters 2 Infantry Brigade (Kaguvi Barracks) in Harare. Telephone number: (0242) 743446.
  • Manicatand Province: Headquarters 3 Infantry Brigade (Herbert Chitepo Barracks) in Mutare. Telephone number: (02020) 63002.
  • Masvingo Province: Headquarters 4 Infantry Ungade (Vitalis Gava Musungwa Zvinavashe Barracks) in Marengo. Telephone number: (0392) 263187.
  • Mashonatand West Province: Headquarters Mechanised Brigade (Inkomo Barracks). Telephone number: (067) 2192497.
  • Mashonaland Central Province: Headquarters Artillery Brigade (Domboshava Barracks). Telephone number: (0242) 3363721.
  • Midlands Province: Headquarters 5 Infantry Brigade in Kwekwe. Telephone number: (05525) 70375.

Training and Benefits

Successful candidates will undergo a thorough selection process at the Zimbabwe Military Academy in Gweru. The training program, spanning 21 months, will equip candidates to be commissioned as Second Lieutenants in the Zimbabwe National Army.

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The Army provides various benefits to its officers, including free medical and dental care, housing and transport allowances, and generous leave conditions.

For those aspiring to serve their country and pursue a challenging yet rewarding career, the Zimbabwe National Army Officer Cadet Recruitment Exercise 2024 offers an excellent opportunity. Seize this chance to make a difference and embark on a journey of honor and service. Are you ready to answer the call?

It is crucial to note that the

does not involve any third parties in the recruitment process and does not charge any fees. If candidates encounter difficulties contacting the Formation Headquarters in their respective provinces, they can inquire at the Zimbabwe National Army Recruiting Office for assistance.



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