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Edna Madzongwe Biography: Early Life | Education | Liberation Struggle Role

Edna Madzongwe Biography: Early Life | Education | Liberation Struggle Role post thumbnail image

This is the biography of Edna Madzongwe a war veteran and politician.

Early Life and Education

Born on July 11, 1943, Edna Madzongwe grew up in a family deeply involved in political activism. Her older brother, Erick Gwanzura, along with their cousins Phannuel and Zacharia Gwanzura, were early nationalists and detainees.

She received her secondary education at Goromonzi High School. She then pursued higher education at the University of Massachusetts, Worcester Campus, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in English with a minor in Psychology. Continuing her academic journey, she obtained a Master of Education degree, specializing in Educational Psychology and Urban Education, from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst Campus. Additionally, she holds certifications in teaching English and guidance counselling.

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Involvement in the Liberation Struggle

In 1966, during the period of the Unilateral Declaration of Independence (UDI), ZANU-PF sent Edna to Lusaka, Zambia, where she awaited further deployment for military training or academic studies. She was eventually sent to the United States, where she actively engaged in political activities. As part of the ZANU student activists, she worked alongside comrades such as Kumbira Kangai and Rugare Gumbo, raising funds and gathering supplies for freedom fighters on the front lines.

Before the establishment of the party in Mozambique, Edna and her colleagues organized demonstrations at the United Nations in New York, advocating for the liberation of Zimbabwe from the oppressive Smith regime. Along with her late husband, she also assisted Zimbabwean refugee students in securing placements at Lowell University in Massachusetts.

Political Career and Senate Presidency

Edna Madzongwe made history in 2005 by becoming the first female President of the Senate of Zimbabwe. Her election on November 30, 2005, was a groundbreaking achievement, shattering gender barriers in Zimbabwean politics.

In the March 2008 parliamentary election, she was re-elected to the Senate from the Chegutu constituency, defeating Violet Paneairi Mokoesti of the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC-Tsvangirai). Following this election, where ZANU-PF gained control of the Senate, Edna was re-elected as Senate President in August 2008.

Her tenure was not without controversy, as she was involved in a land dispute with an elderly white farmer from Chegutu, highlighting the contentious land redistribution policies. After the July 2013 parliamentary election, in which ZANU-PF won a significant majority, Edna was re-elected as Senate President, serving until 2018.

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Personal Life

Edna Madzongwe was married to the late Forbes Madzongwe. They have three children: Valentine, Farai, and Tendai. She also has stepchildren, Tsitsi and Martin.


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