ZimbabweHuchi Entertainment Draze Biography: Early Life | Music Career | Social Causes

Draze Biography: Early Life | Music Career | Social Causes

Draze Biography: Early Life | Music Career | Social Causes post thumbnail image

This is the biography of rapper Draze, a Zimbabwean-American hip-hop artist, songwriter, producer, and social justice activist. He has a rich cultural heritage and a background steeped in music.

Early Life

Draze, originally named Abraham Dumisani Maraire Jr, was born in Seattle, Washington, United States. He hails from a family deeply rooted in Zimbabwean traditional music. His parents are the renowned Dumisani Maraire and Lora Sukutai Chiorah-Dye. Additionally, he is the half-sibling of the late music icon Chiwoniso Maraire. Draze’s introduction to music began in his childhood, as he performed alongside his mother in the Marimba band Sukutai and occasionally with his father’s ensemble, Dumi & Minanzi Marimba Ensemble.

Music Career

Draze embarked on his musical journey at a young age, touring the United States and sharing stages with legendary figures such as Miles Davis, Janet Jackson, and Jimmy Buffett. This early exposure to diverse musical influences profoundly impacted his artistic evolution, culminating in a unique fusion of traditional African rhythms and contemporary hip-hop.

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Draze biography-Image Source@Zimprofiles

In 2016, Draze gained widespread recognition with the release of his impactful video “The Hood Ain’t the Same,” addressing the issue of gentrification in Seattle’s Central District. The song served as the lead single for the 50 Next compilation, commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Space Needle.

Throughout his career, Draze has released a multitude of albums and singles, including “Seattle Sweeties” (2015), “Hood Ain’t The Same” (2016), “Nice To Meet You” (2016), “Seattle’s Own” (2016), “Born To Win” (2021), “Ain’t Nobody Talking About No Real Shit,” “Building Black Wealth” (featuring Owuor), “The Main Thing” (2021), and “Irony On 23rd” (2021). His music has been featured in various television shows, advertisements, and films, spanning a wide array of platforms and audiences.

Notably, Draze’s contributions to the music industry have earned him prestigious accolades, including an Emmy Award in 2022 and nominations for Best Hip-Hop Urban Track from the MCPF Production Music Awards and the 2016 Zim Hip Hop Awards in the Best Diaspora category.

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Social Causes

Beyond his musical endeavours, Draze is a fervent advocate for social justice. He has initiated impactful projects such as the “Building Black Wealth” economic anthem and the “Through the Eyes of Art” collaboration with the Museum of Pop Culture to champion Black History Month festivities in Seattle.

Personal Life

Draze biography-Image Source@Zimprofiles

Draze biography-Image Source@Zimprofiles

Outside of his professional pursuits, Draze leads a fulfilling personal life. He is married and a proud father to a daughter born in 2001. While primarily based in the United States, Draze maintains a connection to his roots, occasionally returning to his homeland of Zimbabwe.


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