Drama as computer illiterate Bulawayo Councillors are vexed by Laptops


A Laptop Computer
A Laptop Computer
A NUMBER of Bulawayo councillors proved to be “technophobic” when they struggled to use laptops during a full council meeting yesterday. Councillors were recently given computers by the Bulawayo City Council to reduce the local authority’s carbon footprint by minimising printed communication.

However, the technology leap failed to take off smoothly as a council IT expert had to constantly assist some councillors to retrieve information from the gadgets.Technophobia is defined by the free online dictionary as fear of or aversion to technology, especially computers and high technology.Before issuing the laptops, council used to issue reports of council meetings to councillors, officials, interested parties and journalists in large volumes printed on bond paper.

Jokingly referring to his colleagues who were failing to use their laptops, a councillor said they were BBCs (Born Before Computers)“What do you expect? Some of us are using computers for the first time. BCC (Bulawayo City Council) will have to take the BBCs for extensive orientation programmes, otherwise the purpose of making the communication easier might actually become more difficult,” said the councillor who declined to be named.He added: “However, we are very thankful that the city fathers are finally realising the importance of embracing technology. With time, I am sure we will reap the benefits by shortening communication time and making savings on volumes of council minutes that used to be printed every month”.



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