Don’t follow instructions. Suspect instructions. they are something to be wary of. They will write instructions when they want you to do something. they want you to do what they want you to. Instructions are broken down into small steps. When you make small steps, you become a smaller person. when you become smaller, you need instructions to tell you where to go and what to do. those who give you instructions are not doing anything. they are instructing you so you can do something for them.

Suspect instructions.they are something to be wary of. Instructions are very detailed and leave nothing to chance. serepindity is the enemy of the narrow and the organised. Random behaviour lead to irregularities. breakdowns in the system lead to chaos and confusion. If everyone is confused, they will have to write many, many more instructions. Dont follow instructions. Instructions are something to be wary of. If you folow instructions, you can not d the things you want to do. you do other things instead, the things other people tell you to do. Where you only listen to others, you can not speak. You ideas ae trapped behind the door you helped close. you become the instructions. they will nt have to write any more instuctions for you, because you will have reached the end of thei instructions. dont follow instructions, suspect instructions.

You have been warned.



By Simba

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