ZimbabweHuchi Entertainment DJ Towers Biography: Age, Early life, Education, Music Career, Controversies

DJ Towers Biography: Age, Early life, Education, Music Career, Controversies

DJ Towers Biography: Age, Early life, Education, Music Career, Controversies post thumbnail image

DJ Towers is a famous Dj and public figure known all over zimbabwe for his professional and personal life, below is his Biography and profile:

Real Name: Tawanda Marimbe

DJ Towers, whose real name is Tawanda Marimbe, is a well-known Zimbabwean social media influencer and music producer.


In 2023, DJ Towers rekindled his relationship with socialite Mabrijo after they had previously dated. Their romance had hit a rough patch when Mabrijo ended things, citing his financial situation at the time.


In January 2020, there were reports that Teemak and Mr Styllz had purchased a car for DJ Towers. Later, in 2021, he revealed that he was driving an Audi.


DJ Towers owns three residential properties: one in Bulawayo, another in Zimre Park, and a third in Borrowdale.


DJ Towers holds a Bachelor of Accounting Degree from Midlands State University.

Career as a Musician

As the founder and leader of the Offside Ministry, DJ Towers gained fame through his involvement in the TEAMBHO hip-hop movement together with Schingie. His substantial Instagram following has led to numerous lucrative deals, endorsements, and global tours.

In 2022, he teamed up with Passion Java who used the moniker Holly 100 and released a number of singles including the Holy Ten diss track Mungamudaro Here. The diss track was a hit.

Apart from releasing singles, the duo also released the album I Love My President dedicated to Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Begging Allegations

In 2021, DJ Towers faced criticism on social media, with many accusing him of being a beggar due to his questionable business practices. Some individuals also referred to him as a ‘bootlicker,’ claiming that he sought personal gains by associating with the rich and famous. In response, DJ Towers defended himself, stating that he provides services in exchange for payment and is a marketing expert on Zimbabwean social media. He emphasized his gratitude towards those who have positively impacted his life and denied any intention of begging from them.


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