ZimbabweHuchi Uncategorized Discovering Mberengwa: Zimbabwe’s Hidden Gem and Mineral Haven

Discovering Mberengwa: Zimbabwe’s Hidden Gem and Mineral Haven

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Mberengwa, located in the Midlands province of Zimbabwe, presents a unique blend of challenging weather conditions and a wealth of natural resources, including gold, iron ore, emeralds, and asbestos, contributing to the distinctive character of the region.

Location and GPS Coordinates

Situated in the Midlands province, Mberengwa is geographically positioned at approximately Latitude: -20.72579°, Longitude: 30.00962°. Use these coordinates with online mapping tools like Google Maps to visualize the district’s exact location.


The district is subdivided into Mberengwa North, East, West, and South, sharing borders with Gwanda, Zvishavane, Neshuro, Chikombedzi, and Manyuchi Dam.

History of Mberengwa

Originally named Belingwe, Mberengwa’s title is derived from the Karanga phrase “Mbere-yeingwa,” with a rich history linked to Lemba people and a plague-induced census at Mount Mberengwa.

Size & Population

The district comprises four parliamentary constituencies, with 37 councillors overseeing an equal number of wards, reflecting its significance within the Midlands province.

Distance from Harare City Centre to Mberengwa

The journey from Harare City Centre to Mberengwa, approximately 300 kilometres southwest, varies in travel time based on road conditions and chosen transportation modes.

Mberengwa Town Council Contact Details

For inquiries or assistance, Mberengwa Town Council can be contacted at:

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Schools in Mberengwa Zimbabwe

Here is a list of some notable schools in Mberengwa:

  1. Chegato Secondary School:
    • Description: Chegato Secondary School is a prominent educational institution in Mberengwa, offering comprehensive education to students.
  2. Musume Secondary School:
    • Description: Musume Secondary School is another key school in the district, providing academic and extracurricular activities for students.
  3. Masase Secondary School:
    • Description: Masase Secondary School contributes to the educational landscape of Mberengwa, focusing on holistic development and academic excellence.
  4. Mnene Secondary School:
    • Description: Mnene Secondary School is recognized for its commitment to providing quality education, contributing to the intellectual growth of students.

Colleges and Universities in or near Mberengwa

As per the provided content, Mberengwa itself may not host colleges or universities. However, nearby areas and cities may offer higher education opportunities. Here are some institutions that students from Mberengwa might consider:

  1. University of Zimbabwe:
    • Location: Mount Pleasant, Harare (Approximately 300 kilometers from Mberengwa)
    • Description: The University of Zimbabwe is the country’s oldest and most prestigious university. It offers a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs across various disciplines.
  2. Chinhoyi University of Technology:
    • Location: Chinhoyi (Approximately 400 kilometers from Mberengwa)
    • Description: Chinhoyi University of Technology is known for its focus on technology and applied sciences. It offers programs in engineering, business, and other technical fields.
  3. Harare Institute of Technology:
    • Location: Belvedere, Harare (Approximately 300 kilometers from Mberengwa)
    • Description: Harare Institute of Technology specializes in engineering, technology, and applied sciences. It is committed to producing graduates with practical skills for the workforce.

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Lodges In Mberengwa Zimbabwe

For a comfortable stay, Mberengwa offers a range of lodges catering to different preferences. Lodges like

1. Meikles Mberengwa Hotel
     Address: Mberengwa, Zimbabwe

provide accommodation amidst the natural beauty of the district.

Things to do in Mberengwa

Mberengwa offers various activities for visitors, from exploring the abundant minerals and fauna to participating in sports competitions. Popular spots include Buchwa Mine, Vanguard Mine, Sandawana, and C Mine.


Did you know that Mberengwa is renowned for its rich deposits of gold, emeralds, and asbestos, with a history deeply intertwined with mining activities?


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